Hearing Guidance


It isn’t always guidance. Once, during an interview, I heard the words, “She’s beautiful.” My interviewer was thinking about a woman we were discussing, but never mouthed his opinion of her. That was telepathy, same as the time my niece called me a “b” (using the full word) at the end of an argument.

Sometimes, we hear the thoughts of others. Sometimes, we’re told things by beings we may never see.

A few years ago, as I read my client’s horoscope, I kept hearing instructions about placing sea salt under her bed to keep unwelcome visitors out of her dreams. This didn’t pertain to anything we were discussing. Nor was it something I saw in her chart (horoscopes don’t reveal that level of detail).

Not knowing what else to do with the repetitive message, I finally said, “This isn’t in your chart, but I keep hearing that you should put sea salt under your bed to keep out of your dreams anyone who’s invading them.” Jaws dropped as my client and her partner looked at one another. She was experiencing this situation, and the message was welcome.

We don’t hear guidance for others alone. Most often, we hear it for ourselves. Being clairaudient is not a “members only” situation. We all enjoy this ability, and need only recognize and accept this fact in order to implement it in our lives.

We’re most familiar with clear hearing through the use of music. It’s common for us to have songs stuck in our heads. We often think this has happened because we recently heard the song, but pay close attention to the lyrics you’re hearing. They may contain a message for you, whether instructive or reassuring.

After writing a letter to an acquaintance to clarify a situation, it appeared there would be no reply. But one day, as I walked to the post office to retrieve my mail, I kept hearing the line, “Please read the letter that I wrote,” from the song by Alison Kraus and Robert Plant. When I opened my P.O. box, there was a letter from the person I’d written waiting for me.

Many years ago, my partner and I were camping at Comet Point, near Allenspark, Colorado. As I lounged in the sun, Clif came running, filled with excitement. A dirt bike had ridden down the steep hillside, disturbing some animals, and they climbed up the cliff towards us to make their escape. We headed for a rock outcropping, where we stood face to face with four big horn sheep less than ten feet away. Clif was shaking, but I had no reaction at all. The message in that experience was for him, not for me.

In the same way, we can tell when something we overhear contains important information for us. A crucial aspect of clairaudience is when we have a physical reaction to something we hear. The feeling is a sign for us. It’s our job to know or decipher how these overheard snippets apply to our lives. (We can ask for clarification if necessary.)

Psychic channels frequently work together. Clairaudience may be accompanied by one or more of the other three “clairs” — clairvoyance (seeing something, whether in your mind’s eye or in the outer world), clairsentience (kinesthetic or “gut” feelings), and claircognizance (instantly knowing something out of the blue). It may be your primary, most natural way of spiritually receiving information, or it may serve to reiterate data you sense in another way. It’s your choice whether to put effort into developing clear hearing. My own psychic sensitivity has opened spontaneously and gradually. Our horoscopes show how open we naturally are, as well as when we might expect expansion of these gifts.

Pay attention to those songs stuck in your head, and to things you hear within and without. There are helpful messages available to you when you’re open to hearing guidance.

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