“Hush, Little Baby, Don’t Say a Word…”

Sounds of comfort, sounds of majesty. Sounds of eternal longing in the trees. Sounds all around us and within us.

The many worlds of sound are akin to all the many dimensions of existence. Physicists are now finally hearing the call to help humankind awaken to the wondrous creation in which we live.

We shut out sounds we don’t want to hear. A harsh word may close our heart. Sounds of discord may close our mind. Be strong enough in mind and heart to let the unpleasant dissonance of life find its natural death. If we don’t add to it and everyone else eventually gets the idea that things like anger and selfishness are not necessarily doing them any real good, we will become wiser stewards of sound.

We have so much untapped capability to hear. We hear with our hearts. An open heart will hear more of what someone is trying to say. The inner ears of our minds always learn more when we let them.

To OM is to soothe yourself and the world. All the cyclic elements of creation are contained within its sound. In the Western traditions, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” The reality of God is heard through Jesus, the Word of God.

Our mind, heart, and outer ears were meant to hear the harmonies in the meaning of all sound. When we listen with all of our natural capabilities, we become a receptor for all the dimensions of sound.

Mindful listening is allowing our consciousness to sift through the symphony of all the sounds of a day in the city. So many of them can flow through us without an echo and dissipate into the distance. Many of them we keep and learn more about the science of becoming who we are.

Mindful listening outside of the city seems to demand less sifting. Larger musical themes in nature borrow from the eternal symphony playing through the trees, the birds, and peals of thunder.

All sounds are part of an endless concert that is being composed in each moment with the heavens conducting the score. Planets love to dance to the evolving music, and we, for our part, just need to listen.



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