The Silent Healing of Sound

I was exhibiting at an Alternative Health Expo several years ago — doing Harmonic Sound Therapy (Sound Healing) sessions using my Himalayan (Tibetan) Metal Singing Bowls — and was approached by a gentleman who said, “I have been watching what you are doing, so what’s your deal?” He was a fellow vendor and said he had been watching people before and after their sound healing session.

People would come to my booth, get on my custom-built massage table that allowed me to properly place the singing bowls in the positions around the body to receive the optimal effect of their healing vibrations. He proceeded to tell me he talked to half a dozen different people who had received a session from me. They all had different results, but they all had positive things to say. Some had pain that went away, some felt relaxed, and some went into a deep sleep that they said they never felt before. Some journeyed to faraway places or planets or met their spirit guides.

He proceeded to tell me his story and held out his trembling hand. He said, “I have Parkinson’s Disease, have you ever worked with that?”

I said, “Not yet, but let’s give it a try.”

He got up on the table; he was a long one, probably 6’7″ and his feet hung off the end of my table. I got him set up comfortably, placed the bowls where they needed to go, and then had him do some deep breathing exercises to get him prepared. Meanwhile, I started Reiki and got a sense of his energy field. I then told him to relax and let the sound and vibrations of the bowls do their work.

I started out with the first sequence of patterns, slowly and methodically striking the bowls one at a time in the precise order and timing needed. By the time I was halfway through the sequence, he was out cold, snoring. I continued the sequence, monitoring his breath, chest, arms, legs, and facial expressions for signs of distress and/or release. The session went on for around 30 minutes until it was time to bring him back.

I started to bring him back slowly by having him do the deep breathing again. I told him to feel the energy shifting through his body and out his feet, grounding him back into Mother Earth. When he came fully to, he told me he had a very deep and relaxing nap. His wife was there and she thought that was good, too. So he got up, went back to his booth to continue selling his products.

Twenty minutes later, he returned to my booth and held out his hand again and said, “Before I saw you, I could not do this.” He showed me that his hand was not shaking anymore. He then explained this had been the most relief he has had in six years of Parkinson’s. We looked at each other, welled up with tears and had a huge manly hug together.

The results of that treatment lasted six weeks. He continued to visit for a “tune-up” every now and then when he felt he needed it. The sound therapy did not stop the tremors and shaking completely, but it made them more manageable. Sound (Healing) Therapy was not some “magic” that was conjured up; it was a method to help reset his brain so he could cope with the stress of his disease.

Many times a client seeks Harmonic Sound (Healing) Therapy looking to “try it out.” Many times they find relief and/or release from a past trauma. Finding that entry point to the trauma or issue and getting it to finally release is one of the goals of Sound Therapy. It is a practice that has been used effectively in the East for more than 10,000 years.

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Frank DiCristina is a Traditional Harmonic Sound (Healing) Therapist and Instructor who shares his magnificent Himalayan singing bowls and gongs and exceptional healing techniques from the traditional clan knowledge practiced in the Himalayas, where people are traditionally healed with sacred sound currents for thousands of years. Frank is a Certified Building Biologist, (EMRS) Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist, Reiki practitioner, Laying-on-of-Stones practitioner, Ordained in the Order of Melchizedek as well as a Master Dowser. He facilitates private sessions and retreats, as well as workshops. He can be reached at or, or call 612.384.1334.


  1. Yes, Singing bowls are effective in treatment of parkinson’s disease.I would like to share my experience, hope it would help others to over come with this disease. My friend’s mom was suffering from this. She was drooling a lot. Her health coach tried with singing bowls that increase the vibrations in her body. This helped her to recover fast. She was now practising with the singing bowl at home. This is where we got the singing bowl for her –


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