Beyond Psychic: 7 Steps to Reclaim your Divine Knowing

You are a multidimensional being who is intricately connected to the Universe. This interconnection allows for a flow of energy, information, collective wisdom and healing to all who open themselves to receive it. As we return to the awareness of our inherent nature of being simultaneously divine and human, our intuitive abilities naturally open and expand.

Here is a simple process to try:

  • Get clear. It is impossible to be a clear channel of information if you are holding other people’s energy and projections. It is imperative to learn how to manage your personal energy, maintain boundaries and know where you are in the flow of energy around you if you are to receive information without the imprints of others on it.
  • Relax. Nothing clenches the flow of information and energy more than fear. We worry about not getting it right. We may hold unconscious fears about being psychic rooted in religious programming, cultural beliefs and past-life experiences. Remember that you are not doing anything new; you cannot fail. You are simply acknowledging and expanding on what you have always been.
  • Move into the field of the heart. The heart is both the temple of your Divine Essence and a gateway to multiple dimensions. You can access many dimensions using the third eye, but the heart is a far more reliable vehicle. It is unlimited in its expanse and has an innate knowingness and neutrality that will not lead you astray. To access this field, move your awareness from the mind to your heart. It is useful to place your hand on your heart and breathe. Then expand your awareness outward. Imagine concentric circles that move outward when a pebble is dropped into a pool of still water. [Resource: To help you move into the field of your heart, use this meditation available at]
  • Learn the art of the open-ended question. When we ask a yes or no question, we get a yes or no answer. Life, however, is rarely black or white. Instead, ask a question that is capable of eliciting multiple levels of information. For example, instead of asking “Will I ever find true love?” ask “What do I need to know about attracting my soul partner?” Ask several questions until you arrive at the bigger picture.
  • Let go. Once you have asked your question, let go of all outcomes. Do not reach for the answer or make the information that comes to you fit what you think it should be. Imagine that you are a vessel and the question is water contained within. When you ask the open-ended question, you pour the water out. Your vessel is now empty and ready to be filled with information and energy.
  • Receive. Learn to be comfortable in stillness. Breathe. Stay focused in your heart center. Information can come through as an impression, a deep knowing, a picture, words, or feeling. Do not judge what is occurring for you or disqualify something, because that is not normally how you receive; this will block the flow. Become curious about what does come through by asking, “Is there anything else that is useful to know?”
  • Calibrate. If in doubt, check if you are still in a relaxed state and in your heart center. Sometimes our monkey mind and ego jump in and want to be part of the process. This is normal; learning to quiet the mind and ego while doing intuitive work is especially important. Working with a pendulum can be especially useful to build trust in your abilities and test for clarity.

Practice this series of steps regularly and you will find that your ability to access intuitive information becomes a very organic part of your life. Acknowledging your connection to the Universe and returning to the flow of Universal Consciousness is unparalleled in its transformative ability. It is your divine birthright to have access to the information, energy, love and abundance you require to live a rich and satisfying life.



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