Caring for the Body: The First Step to Expanding Your Psychic Ability


People often ask me if everyone is psychic. My answer is yes. The word psychic means soul. It is your body’s ability to bring in and work with your soul energy.

Each one of us has a body and a soul. We each also have a chakra system and an energy field (aura). These are your basic components for being psychic. With these basic parts, each one of us has an innate ability to bring in more soul information.

Our culture teaches us to hate our bodies. We are taught they are shameful, sinful and never good enough. It’s no wonder we live so much of our lives outside of our bodies, out of touch with who we really are.

Your soul chose your body to work with in this lifetime. Your body is designed and fine-tuned to run your unique soul vibration. Your body is a good and honest body. It does not lie. It lets you know when something is wrong. It is an instrument that tells you what you resonate to and what is true for you. As you become more able to tune into that feeling of resonance, you have the basic tool for processing other energies and determining whether they match your truth or not.

The first step in bringing in more of your own soul information is to love and care for your body. Bodies naturally carry fear, because they know they can get sick and hurt and will eventually die. They measure everything in terms of safety and survival. It is important to honor the body’s need to feel safe and grounded. Grounding connects a body to the earth. When a body is grounded, it can receive even more of its own soul energy. Healthy structure and routine in meeting its basic needs help to ground a body. The more we take care of our bodies — and they learn to trust that we won’t neglect them or abuse them — the more soul energy we will be able to bring into our lives.

Bodies learn by doing. Repetition is needed. Take the example of learning to ride a bike. You can’t learn to ride a bike by reading a book. You can get some good information that way, but what is truly required is getting on the bike and practicing. Work with your body to help it feel safe and valued. Make it a part of your daily practice.

For a soul, survival is not an issue. Death does not frighten a soul. Safety is not a concern. A soul’s desire is to learn, create and experience. You are a unique combination of body and soul — like no other on this planet. The challenge is balancing the needs of both.

We cannot dictate to our bodies what they need. We cannot make them want something they don’t. It’s the same with souls. We cannot tell them to be satisfied with a direction, just because it is the safe way to go. We need to listen to what feels right for our bodies and listen to how our souls are guiding us. Do we jump off a cliff because our soul wants to experience freefalling? No, but if the urge is strong, maybe we go skydiving and make sure all the equipment to keep the body safe is provided. Then, we can have the experience while honoring both body and soul.

The good news is that your body is wired to run your soul energy. It is as natural to your body as breathing. With proper care, your body can expand its capacity to bring in even more of its soul energy to create the life of your dreams.

Love and care for your body. Teach it that it can count on you to make good decisions for it. It will then serve you well in bringing in your soul’s guidance and light.

Many additional ways exist to bring in your soul to expand your psychic ability. Caring for your body provides a safe, healthy foundation from which to begin.

The truth is this: You are a magnificent soul in a miraculous human body with infinite possibilities. Live your truth fully.

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Cindy Lehman
Cindy Lehman offers heart-centered Soul Readings and teaches beginning and advanced psychic development classes. Her passion is teaching others how work in partnership with body and soul, and to shine their light in the world. Visit for more information.


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