Cultivate your Psychic Abilities


Your psychic abilities are an inherent part of you, but like the muscles in your body, if you fail to exercise them they will atrophy. However, the cultivation of your psychic abilities doesn’t need to be an impossible task.

The following are five tips that I’ve implemented in my own spiritual practice to expand and strengthen my psychic abilities. These tips can be integrated into your everyday life, if you are willing to put forth the effort:

  • Commit to a daily workout with your psychic abilities. Each and every day, commit 30 to 60 minutes to working with your psychic abilities. By doing daily work, you will strengthen your abilities, as well as learn how to call upon them at will when you need them immediately. Remember if you don’t use it, you lose it!
  • Meditation is your friend, so make it part of your daily routine. Don’t buy into the empty mind version of meditation. Try different meditation techniques until you find ones that work for you and help you cultivate your internal psychic resources. I’ve used Taoist and Dzogchen meditation techniques, and not all of them are focused on emptying your mind. A lot of them teach you how to work with your psychic resources.
  • Experiment with what you know and make it your own. The majority of books present psychic techniques as if they are recipes, with set things you need to do to access your psychic abilities. However, once you know a technique, you can experiment with it and personalize it to what best fits your style of practice. Doing this will not only enhance your psychic abilities, but it will teach you how to develop your own techniques.
  • Use your psychic abilities in everyday situations. Don’t restrict your abilities for special occasions. This will help you expand them and learn how they can be applied at any time. For example, the other day I manipulated space and time to make sure no one was at the post office when I arrived. The post office is usually packed, but no one was there and I was able to get the package mailed out and be on my way to my next appointment. Utilizing my psychic abilities for such mundane activities teaches me how I can use them in other circumstances, as well.
  • Test your abilities. When you work with a psychic ability, see what you can do with it. Test it out in every way possible. Apply it to every situation you can think of. By testing your ability, you’ll be able to expand your capabilities and figure out what your limits are. Don’t let anyone else tell you what you can or can’t do. Find out for yourself, and see what happens. Only by testing a given ability will you be able to expand and learn what you can really do with it.

Following these five tips has helped me work with my psychic abilities and expand on them. I follow these five tips every day and they’ve made quite a difference in my life and in the work I do with my abilities.

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Taylor Ellwood
Taylor Ellwood is the business wizard for eccentric entrepreneurs at Imagine Your Reality ( and the mad scientist and magical experimenter at Magical Experiments ( ). When he's not helping business owners or experimenting on magic, Taylor can be found writing, painting and manifesting in the Pacific Northwest.


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