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Dr. Todd
Dr. Todd

For over a decade, Dr. Todd has been developing what he calls the Pineal Tone™ series inspired by a deep inner knowing, a remembering of an ancient time in an ancient land.

In 2001, Dr. Todd began the process of remembering an ancient and sacred practice of toning that activated the pineal gland and created profoundly expansive experiences. He intuitively knew the power of the tones and their intrinsic benefit and impact on life extension, enhanced well being and increased health. Unaware of any higher purpose for the tones, he called it The Pineal Toning Technique™ and began to teach small groups how to use them for personal growth and healing.

Dr. Todd will share his gifts at two events in the Twin Cities this fall:

  • September 12 — “An Evening with Dr. Todd’s Pineal Tones,” featuring 24 pieces of art in the Pineal Tones series, combined with the toning pairs as recorded at the Lemurian Reunion 12/21/12, will be presented from 7-9 p.m. during Spirit United’s Movie Night at 3204 Como Ave. S., Minneapolis. Learn more at
  • October 11-12 – A two-day workshop, “Celebrate the Art and Magic of the Life Code with Pineal Tone Techniques” with Dr. Todd at the Holiday Inn in Bloomington, Minn. It will introduce the sound technique of Pineal Tones™. More than just sequence information, the higher geometry gives rise to function that supports communication and recalibration. For more information, visit Register at: For more information, contact Anita or Patti: 952.221.6372, [email protected] or [email protected].

“The event is not just about singing,” Dr. Todd says. “I do biomedical research in the area of regeneration of cells — in part with light, part with sound, and also with activated nutrition that is enhanced in its ability to repair and rejuvenate tissue. This work is about the tones as a vehicle of rejuvenation and life extension, combined with our research to amplify the results of tuning up the body in various ways.”

Dr. Todd spoke with The Edge about his work with Pineal Toning and his upcoming events in the Twin Cities.

Please share with our Edge community the inspiration and the remembrance that you talk about in the brochure for this event?
Dr. Todd: That is a really good question, because the remembrance did not happen all at once. It came in pieces and stages. It began really with an idea, and that idea planted the seed and the seed sprouted and now it has become a tree and it branches out different types of fruit.

The essence of it has to do with the work of Lee Carroll and Kryon, and I imagine many of those in your listenership are acquainted with his work.

Yes, he has quite a following in the Twin Cities.
Dr. Todd: Right! In terms of esoteric information that Lee Carroll is offering by being the vessel, if you want to call it that, I find it incredible — scientifically when he makes predictions and later when we see the validations, and also how he resonates at a deep level of truth.

The hinge point, or where all this attention and remembrance began with the tones, occurred at a time that you might recall as the Harmonic Concordance.

Wasn’t that in 2003:
Dr. Todd: I believe so, yes. And, roughly an 11/11 date, as well. So, we sponsored a gathering in San Diego. Lee Carroll shared a profound parable that had to do with someone waking up one day, opening his front door and being shocked to see a massive block of granite on his front lawn. Needless to say, that would be a little bit startling for anybody. There was no machine big enough to carry it away. Finally he had an inspiration, which was to hire a sculptor — and then the sculptor created the most magnificent works of art the world had ever seen.

The interpretation of that story is that the block of granite was likened to our DNA. Everything that we need for enlightenment, for mastery, for expressing the eternal beauty within, is already present, yet our access to it is blocked and it needs to be revealed.

The metaphor of the sculptor is a metaphor of chipping away that which blocks the expression of the deeper abilities, remembrance and awareness that is already present in our DNA. And then Kyron described something that I had never heard before or since. He described our DNA as being multidimensional. Whereas science talks about the two strands of DNA physically, Kryon described it with 12 strands. I believe he is using it as a metaphor to talk about 12 dimensions of reality.

The so-called super string theory, which attempts to put all of the four fundamental forces of nature into a single equation, holds that the mathematics works in a system that has at least 12 dimensions. So Kryon’s statements are consistent, at least, with today’s highest level of theoretical physics.

The statement was made that humanity, as a whole, functions on four dimensions of its DNA and that eight dimensions are blocked by a mechanism he described as an eighth-dimensional filter. To experience the totality of everything we are and can be, the logical step would be to remove the filter so we can have everything that is within the regions that are blocked.

Further information suggests that this is our Akashic Records, and the ability to do what is called mining the Akash. If at any point in our soul history we mastered something, then we can remember it, as opposed to having to start from scratch. Child prodigies do that. They come out when they are 3 years old and express incredible abilities to play an instrument or to create art, for example.

That information was the trigger to working with tones that have ultimately come to be called the Pineal Tones.

The process for me internally was to use inner vision or intuition to perceive that eighth-dimensional filter construct. Once there was a perception of it, the question was, how do we remove that filter from blocking the treasures residing in the DNA? Spontaneously, or intuitively, I began to make tones, and as I created tones in certain ways, much as an opera singer may create a particular note and cause a crystal wine glass to shatter, I was seeing energy building up in the filter structure. At a certain point, there was so much energy that part of the filter transformed into energy.

At one point the filter was blocking the expression, and then at a certain point of energy there was a transmutative process where the filter itself provided the energy to activate the strands.

So it became the vehicle then, instead of the block.
Dr. Todd: That is correct.

Like the sculptor.
Dr. Todd: Exactly! Aptly put. Very good insight. When that first pattern came through, it was a Saturday afternoon in my office. I had the luxury to meditate for a number of hours, and it came through piece by piece. That first level, that first pattern, had this very strong intention or remembrance that came with it, which was an affirmation that as a being I am eternally pure and perfect, and anything that occurs other than perfection is merely the illusion of this experiment of our experience. Anything that appears to be bad or tragic or not good is simply this play that we have created as part of a whole Divine process.

So we can have a greater understanding, ultimately, of our Divine nature, our Divine attributes, and bring them back into a unity field of consciousness.

Dr. Todd: And that was the first level, right?

That’s quite a journey, at least the first leg of the journey as you say.
Dr. Todd: Exactly. And, that was very profound, just that first part. And, when one level integrated, then spontaneously and bit by bit I received the next. I finally got to the eighth level — and it took about three years for that.

Up to that time I had started to share these things at events with Lee Carroll. I’m sure it was strange, because he brought me forth as the scientist who is doing work with lasers and using resonance to eliminate viruses and to regenerate and repair tissue — and then I would do this part of making these funny noises.

Lee is somewhat tolerant, and I kind of got that he wished I wouldn’t do that until there was an event we had planned in Moscow. We decided only one week before the event to host an experience in Moscow and allow people to experience the first level of tones. We had 200 people gathered in a room, and very intensely we did the tones one after another as they had never been done before. Usually it took two days to do the whole process.

That was the first time Kryon stated what we were doing, that what I was sharing was recalled from my soul records and I was sharing it exactly as I had done it tens of thousands of years ago.

Amazing! So, you were pulling through an aspect of your soul from a past life.
Dr. Todd: That’s right.

Talk about remembrance!
Dr. Todd: Exactly.

What an awakening.
Dr. Todd: It was very powerful. That particular lifetime had been discussed by Lee Carroll before. In that lifetime, I was the so-called architect of temples of rejuvenation. The way the temples were reported to have worked, or the lore of the temples, is that a person would go into the temple and they would undergo a process that was particularly driven by magnetics. Three days later, they would be biologically three years younger. If someone did this every three years, they could literally sustain a particular biological age almost indefinitely.

Amazing. Now this was in Lemuria. Did I read that right?
Dr. Todd: That’s the understanding — and that the time frame was on the order of 26,000 years ago when such things were happening. Part of the story of that lifetime was that I lived a very long time, much more than a usual lifetime now, and the logical conclusion was because I was creating and evolving the rejuvenation technology of the temples.

What was said in a revelation in Moscow was that I was one of the few who did not use the temples, that the tones that I was sharing were all that I used to maintain the very youthful biology.

So, you didn’t have to be in the temples to do it.
Dr. Todd: Right. By just using those tones with intention, you were capable of producing a profound rejuvenation effect. The other description was that the audible tones were likened to an orchestra playing a symphony in the room next door. All you heard from this symphony was, for example, the buzz of the snare drums, but just hearing that sound was the carrier of the information of the entire symphony.

Likewise, the audible tones, the part that you hear, is similar to the snare drum in the other room that carried a much greater amount of information — and it was able to wrap around the filter and transmute it to energy and allow the strands to activate.

So, the audible part of the tones is only a small part of the action that is happening. That was the beginning, that was the “ah-ha” — and it went from there.

I am assuming that what you have done when you have created these workshops is to recreate that experience. Is that an accurate leap?
Dr. Todd: That’s a very accurate leap. It is creating a similar vibrational energetic environment and I am sharing the patterns, as I understand it, as they were done a long time ago. Perhaps the most confirming and validating statements were made when we gathered over 900 singers in Maui to recreate a Lemurian choir and Kryon stated that the tones that were created were shockingly accurate.

The insight we gained was from the understanding that the tones were an accelerated code for bringing dormant parts of DNA into activity and giving those dormant parts a way they could help regenerate tissue, expand awareness, increase insights, enhance the ability to mine the Akash and bring forth abilities already mastered.

That all became part of the understanding about what we were doing — and the layers continued to arrive until we were at the 16th level.

At an event in November 2010, perhaps the most remarkable experience with Lee Carroll and Kryon happened. Kyron started by saying that he had an assignment for me, and he would tell me where it was and what is was and when it was. I didn’t have to do it, but he knew I would.

This is a message directly from Kyron?
Dr. Todd: Yes. And he addressed me as Yaeed (Ya-eed), which, according to Kryon, was my Lemurian name in that lifetime in the temples of rejuvenation.

Do you know what that name means? Did you ever find that out?
Dr. Todd: The name, as I later learned, means DNA.

What was the task that Kryon inspired you to do?
Dr. Todd: Kryon took us to a gathering 26,000 years ago where 800 people were gathered in Lemuria — 400 people on one side of the room and 400 on the other. The assignment was that while 16 levels were great, there were eight more. So another eight would produce 24. And, the further assignment was to go beyond single tones to recall how the tones were paired and which order the pairs were performed. And on December 21, 2012, I was to gather at least 400 singers to recreate, for the first time since then, a Lemurian choir.

So, that’s what we will see on Movie Night at Spirit United, right?
Dr. Todd: That is correct.

What was that experience like and how did you even organize that?
Dr. Todd: (Laughs) Oh, wow, it was no small task. First, there was the work of completing the levels and then finding how to pair them, and to create teaching materials for all of that. Then it involved traveling all around the world teaching the patterns to groups of people. Ultimately, through all those gatherings we assembled not just 800, but over 900 singers, and I believe at least 55 different countries were represented.

We had the event at a beautiful resort on Maui, in a beach area called Kaanapali. What was especially interesting is that the ballroom where we had the choir was just above the shoreline in an area called Black Rock. I was guided to be in the water listening to the song of the whales to learn how to sing the song of the whales.

Now, we had so many people and the ballroom only fit about 500 people at a time, so we did two versions of the choir, one event in the morning and one in the afternoon, and they built one upon the other. Some people were able to do it twice because we had enough space for duplication. For me — and it was Lee Carroll’s experience, as well — that was probably the most powerful experience that we had had to date. Everybody coming together in that day, in that way, putting the patterns as they did, was immensely powerful.

What was especially interesting was when I asked how many members of the choir remembered being with me those thousands of years ago in Lemuria, during the last time the process was done. Over half the people raised their hands, having recalled being there and having made the agreement to return thousands of years later to gather as we did.

What a question! Oh, that’s amazing! That was so validating.
Dr. Todd: It was powerful. There was an amazing feeling of having co-created a Divine assignment. You can imagine how challenging it is to keep appointments even a few weeks from now, to keep it all straight, much less over 26,000 years or so.

The process of the choir was that one group of hundreds sang one tonal pattern, one set of syllables at a particular set of pitches, that was then contrasted with the other group of hundreds of singers singing a different set of syllables and tonalities. That created incredible overtones and harmonics and resonances, and it was building an energy, building information, building frequency that people felt subtly as the process continued — and repeating the choir with 12 pairs to make 24.

The first part was about everybody creating a unified field through a type of interconnection of pineal glands of the whole choir, creating what was described as a group field galactic transmitter, a type of instantaneous quantum communicator sending the message throughout the cosmos that we remembered to make the appointment, that we made it, and that we are ready to move to the next level of experience. That was powerful. And then the last part was shifting the patterns and doing two more pairs that reversed the polarity from a transmitter to a receiver. It was described that by doing that we could then receive communication from all these so-called quantum enlightened civilizations across the universe.

So, in the movie itself that people can view on September 12, the DVD captures that whole experience in Maui?
Dr. Todd: It certainly will give a strong flavor of it. And, the workshop in October will be done as a two-day intensive where we will share the patterns.

In Maui when the process was complete, we had done our jobs and the vibrations created were part of what happened around the Earth that day. We had a choice: Should we go down the pathway predicted by the Hopi Indians and Nostradamus and go into some apocalyptic scenario, or do we shift it into a different timeline and then move into an opportunity to create a more enlightened planet? That was a key intention of our having gathered for that.

For all we knew, that was it. That was complete. But one of the first things that was communicated through the channeled information at the event was, “You have gotten the 24 levels and the 12 pairs and that’s great — but there are 12 more levels.”

What was amusing is that he said, “And you have 26,000 years to get them.”

So, you thought that was going to be the completion, and it sounds like it was just the beginning of more to come.
Dr. Todd: Right. So the next levels have then appeared. They are richer, deeper, more complex, and cellularly moving, I would say. Now we have four more levels, and the last two were especially profound. They were performed most recently at the third choir in Mount Shasta, just two days before the Solstice.

Level 27 and 28 have the combined intention of activating human ability by removing the blocks to the expression of that ability. Unlike the first 24 levels, which are typically about 30 to 90 seconds long once through, levels 27 and 28 one time through are about 13 minutes each. So, it was particularly lengthy and complex. People have described it literally as taking the cells through the experience of building an energy higher and higher and higher — also clearing out the cells.

Obviously the people who attend these gatherings are highly impacted by the event, but does the energy from the event itself contribute to the mandala of energy for the planet itself, and therefore for humanity in general?
Dr. Todd: Bringing forth dormant parts of DNA, enhancing the so-called coherence of alignment of DNA, hence the vibrational state of DNA, happens for each person in a choir or a gathering, but not only do they experience that personally, it creates an effect on the whole planet. As the individual experience enhances the planetary vibrational state, it makes it easier for everybody to access the next highest vibrational state. So it is a cooperative synergistic process.

How do you translate this into the 2 day event that people can take part in in October? What can people expect?
Dr. Todd: There will be the training, performing and experience at 28 levels and counting — and by then we may be releasing the next level. Level 29 is called the Song of the Strands, and it has a similarity to the pattern of tones in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind — that particular set of five tones. It is like that, but longer, a pattern of 12 tones. The notion is creating the pattern that deepens the connection between the consciousness realms and the galaxy.

This is in preparation for the next choir, which may be the most profound to date, which will be in the Outback of Australia in March 2015.

So at the local workshop, the training will give people the 28, and possibly 29, levels, so they will have the experience of them directly. They will get instruction in how to perform them, and there will be a training recording that people will get. There will be enough time not just to do them individually, but also to do some of the pairs together, which creates an even more profound level.

Describe how the pairing occurs. How is that orchestrated?
Dr. Todd: Well, at a choir we usually have two professional co-conductors. We have one conductor for the group singing one of the tones of the pair, and another conductor leading the other.

Because so many people have attended these gatherings, and there have been many people in your area who have been to trainings I have done before, usually there are one or more people who have had the experience that I can call forth and have them lead it with me.

Imagine a tonal pattern sung at a particular pitch and then another pattern sung typically at a higher pitch that creates beautiful harmonic patterns, which alternate back and forth. Each creates a very powerful energy and momentum. There is nothing quite like being in a room with many people singing them, as well as singing them yourself, to amplify the experience.

This is going to sound kind of trite, but what if you can’t sing? What if you can’t carry a note or you’re tone deaf? I would be afraid to show up because I would be afraid that I would ruin the tone!
Dr. Todd: Well, that is a wonderful question. Earlier today I did a radio interview with Jonathan Goldman, who is probably well known to you. He is one of the wonderful pioneers with toning, and he and I had a discussion about that. He was really amazed at how people in the choir really just came there and sang very comfortably.

It is different singing the tonal patterns compared to trying to mimic a pop singer singing a popular tune. The tones are generally easy to sing for almost any voice or voice range. We allow people to sing the pattern at whatever octave is comfortable in their range — and we even allow people to sing in their own way, so it’s almost impossible not to do it right.

If you listen to recordings from the choir, it sounds spectacularly good. And, that’s almost miraculous, given that the entire choir is made up of people who do not have particular training in singing or sing professionally in any way. There might be a few who are trained singers or professionals, but the rest are people who simply had the inspiration or intuition or remembrance to participate, and they find the range that is very comfortable for them. Most people find that they have had the experience that they didn’t think they could sing and then they learn the tones and feel that they actually have good voices and sing well.

Read more about Dr. Todd’s upcoming events here. For more information on Dr. Todd and Pineal Toning, visit

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