Energy Healing: The Path to Expanded Awareness and Perception


As an adolescent in the 1960s and ’70s, I became fascinated by stories about yogis and some Westerners who could achieve seemingly impossible transformational feats or demonstrate extraordinary perceptual awareness and insight. I went to medical school and became a neurologist to study the brain, but I also continued to read spiritual and metaphysical books and articles.

In 1997, after years of meditation without meaningful results, I turned to technology in the hope that I, too, could significantly expand my conscious awareness without drugs. Our research team also included a psychic, an out-of-body observer and a team of engineers.

After 17 years of unconventional research, we learned that energy healing (greater manifestation and expression of our spiritual Self as pictured and witnessed by our observers) promotes many benefits. Some of these benefits include expanded awareness and perception of spiritual influences, in addition to dramatic improvement in mindfulness, peace and tranquility.

We came to define energy healing as any process that facilitates a fuller manifestation and expression of our energy system (spiritual self/Source) throughout our material plane of existence, including our physical bodies. The fundamental aspects of energy healing are:

  • Unmasking our energy system (spiritual self/Source) by removing the limitations (egoic beliefs) we place upon it as opposed to repairing our spiritual self/Source, as that is not in need of repair.
  • Self-identifying in accordance with our true nature.

Our limiting beliefs form the core of energetic blocks within our energy system that mask our spirituality. Releasing these beliefs unmasks our spiritual self/Source and allows us to manifest in life as our authentic Self. The act of self-identification represents the manner in which we manifest and express ourselves in all aspects of life — how we feel and behave, not just believe, as beliefs are solely ego-based.

As energy blocks clear (limiting beliefs are released), the chakras realign themselves with a symmetrical spin and the auric bodies appear more expanded. The individual’s personal spiritual self also is shown to be more integrated with the physical body. In addition, the spirit line appears straight, not broken, fragmented or curved. This is depicted as the transitional (middle) state above. With the transition to the Source Awakened state of being and greater self-identification with Source, the chakras appear white with a faster spin rate and white light radiates from the individual.

Our technology consists of an amplifier and transducers built into a comfortable delivery platform that uses layered music to induce synchronized sounds, vibrations and electromagnetic fields, producing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual effects ( The sound and vibratory stimuli produce a very deep state of relaxed drowsiness. The individual becomes profoundly relaxed, but typically aware. They are also instructed to pay attention to how relaxed they feel in order to recreate this feeling at other times, independent of chair sessions.

Furthermore, in this state of profound relaxation the person’s ego is far less engaged and they are more receptive to change, ultimately releasing their limiting beliefs. Our observers also noted that the magnetic fields also induce profound shifts in energy with the release of energetic blocks.

We have formed the Global Institute of Energy Healing Technology to assist individuals with the use of this technology, explore other energy healing technologies and generate awareness of such technologies and their benefits.

The public is invited to the first conference by the Global Institute of Energy Healing Technology, “Energy Healing: Many Faces, One Source,” on Saturday, Oct. 18, at the Park Plaza Hotel in Bloomington. Visit for details.

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Daniel Cohen, M.D.
Daniel Cohen, M.D., a graduate of Temple Medical School, received his training in Neurology at the University of Minnesota Hospitals and Clinic and is a Diplomat of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. In 1982, Dr. Cohen co-founded CNS, Inc., served as its CEO until 2001, and Chairman of the Board until it was acquired by GlaxoSmithKline in 2006. CNS was best known for its consumer products, the Breathe Right® nasal strip and FiberChoice™ chewable fiber supplement. In 1997, Dr. Cohen co-founded Round River Research Corp. to study the healing and spiritual effects of synchronized sounds, vibrations and electromagnetic fields. He is the inventor of BodySound™ technology introduced in 2013. With Jennifer Palmquist, he is the co-author of Claim Your Basic Rights, Create a Practical Partnership with Your Soul, and Claim Your Basic Rights, Embody Your Soul. He teaches a course in Practical Spirituality.


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