Expanding your Psychic Abilities


Many years ago I attended a seminar, and the one thing the speaker said that left such a lasting impression on me was, “Know Thyself.” That prompted me to take up the study of numerology, and my 30 years of working with numerology helped me to discover that I was psychic. Self-awareness led me to my intuition. You can know yourself, too.

Studying numerology is one of the easiest way to learn self-awareness. Another way is to spend time alone. When you are alone, you are who you are — and if you don’t like your own company, how do you expect others to? Watch how you interact with animals, for they don’t talk back to you. Most importantly, remember that it’s difficult to see the picture when you are inside the frame.

Self-awareness allows you to discover whether you are empathic, clairvoyant or clairaudient — or if one of your natural-born gifts is to be psychic.

Psychic messages can come from your dreams. If you are someone who has a lot of prophetic dreams, keep a dream journal and you will be delighted to see your gifts blossom and how you can help our world.

Throughout the many years I have been doing psychic readings, I found that 75 percent of my clients were extremely psychic themselves. When I told them that, invaribly the first question out of their mouths was to ask how they can develop their gifts. I promoted self-awareness. I encouraged them to begin a formal study in an area of interest, such as tarot card reading, the I-Ching, rune stones, palm reading, numerology or astrology — whatever interested them. Then I told them to practice, practice, practice.

The more you practice, the easier it will be to learn to trust yourself.  When doing psychic readings, a key is to trust yourself. Start by doing readings for friends, family or acquaintances. When you were learning to read and write as a child, the more you practiced the easier and better you became at reading and writing. It’s that easy.

Remember: do not give power to fear. Only two emotions really count — fear and love. Know that Spirit is sending us love, so no information will be given to you to share with a client that is not ready to be heard.

I recommend practicing for a year, for about an hour a day, and that will give you a great start in making a living with your psychic gifts. Once you have done your schooling, then you will be ready.  This is how we can give of ourselves and love the world.



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