Finding Your Genie in a Bottle: How to Attune to Higher Consciousness


My husband and I walked past a row of TV sets in an electronics store the other day. He stopped abruptly when he saw Christina Aguilera dancing to a song about a genie in a bottle. I seriously doubt that he was drawn in by the lyrics, but my mind drifted to musing about the main theme of the song. Who wouldn’t love to have their own genie in a bottle to answer the pressing questions that occupy our minds?

As a medium, I’m well aware how many people wander about in search of guidance. It has only been a few years that clients have come to me to hear from their loved ones on the other side, but it still surprises me how many are as interested in getting personal advice as they are in communicating with their deceased family members. To some, a reading with a psychic-medium is like a private session with a genie in a bottle. There is nothing wrong with this. We are used to going to professionals for advice. What most people don’t realize is that each of us is innately endowed with the ability to tune into that guidance ourselves.

The One Mind, of which we are a part, speaks to all of us — all of the time. When asked with intention, the answers come. When trusted, the guidance is unerring. The Voice often is quite subtle and can easily be mistaken for one’s imagination, but as a very wise person once said, “How else would God speak to you, if not through your imagination?”

The ability to attune to higher consciousness can be learned. Take it from this former career Navy officer who now brings through verifiable evidence from the consciousness of those who have passed to the other side. I had no idea I had this ability until I discovered it in the fourth decade of my life. Now I know beyond question that you don’t become a spirit when you die. You are spirit here and now. The physical parts of you are not the real you. It only appears that way, because that’s where you place your consciousness. Paradoxically, it is that very consciousness that is the real you.

Consciousness has no beginning and end. It is eternal. Consciousness is in every living thing, from one-celled organisms to plants, animals and humans. It is omnipresent. Quantum physics has proven that everything exists in a field of all possibilities until observed by consciousness, therefore consciousness is creative. Because it is the source of all awareness, consciousness is all-knowing.

We most often attribute these qualities to a power outside ourselves, but when we focus on our inner world and become aware of our “I Am-ness,” we understand that these qualities belong to us, as well. As individuals, we are a focus of this greater Consciousness. In this physical dimension, we call that focus “Mary” or “John.” Take away the labels, the personalities and the individual beliefs — something we can do in the silence of meditation — and there we experience our true nature.

We can deliberately access other states of consciousness in the dream state and through hypnosis or meditation. It is then — when we transcend the limitations of ordinary awareness — that we open ourselves to higher levels of creativity, insight, inspiration, guidance and wisdom. Some of the world’s greatest discoveries have come into being by deliberately attuning to higher levels of reality. Albert Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Imagine what kind of problems we could solve and what kind of creativity could be unleashed, on a personal as well as global level, if more people purposely attuned to higher levels of consciousness on a regular basis.

Those who come to understand that we all contain this same essence are often referred to as “illuminated” or “enlightened,” but this awareness is not limited to a few select beings. It is possible for anyone to enter into and experience the deeper states of consciousness that lead not just to the answers we seek, but to an understanding of our essential oneness. This is nothing short of transformational.

The keys to self-transformation, to a level of attunement that will eradicate the need to search outside of yourself for answers, are these:

  • Believe that higher consciousness exists and that you are connected with it. Just as a wave is an integral and inseparable aspect of the ocean, you are an integral and inseparable part of the sea of consciousness in which you are immersed. If you see yourself as merely a brain with a body, separate and apart from the Source of the answers you seek, you cut yourself off from that very Source.
  • Train your mind to be still. It can be challenging to distinguish the subtle Voice of the higher self amid the constant chatter of your human brain. It takes discipline to quiet the conscious mind through meditation on a regular basis, but this is critical to perceiving the more subtle vibrations of the unseen dimension. Mystic Joel Goldsmith said, “Closing your eyes to meditate is stepping into a corridor and standing before a door to another reality that is always there.” When you couple the belief that another reality exists with the discipline of regular meditation, you have opened the door.
  • Clear all energy blockages. Every thought and emotion carries its own energy — its own vibrational frequency. We take in negative vibrations throughout the day from our own thoughts, from the energy radiated by those around us, and even from our dreams. Be aware of the thoughts and beliefs that run through your mind and upgrade them as necessary. Pay attention to your body’s signals. If you are feeling lethargic, ill at ease, irritable and disconnected, your energy field is likely clogged.

Consider a variety of ways to clear the blockages:

  • Open your heart. When the goal is expanded consciousness, consciously expressing gratitude, joy and love is the means to get there. It takes deliberate intent to rise above the dense vibrations of the physical world.
  • Shift your focus. Where you place your consciousness becomes your reality. We reside in the physical and non-physical realms simultaneously. Unfortunately, somewhere between the “terrible two’s” (a time when we take on the belief that we are separate individuals) and around age 5, we forget our true nature as spirit — beings temporarily in a physical body. Our focus becomes firmly rooted in the physical world.

Your consciousness does not reside in the brain. Your consciousness is everywhere at once, in the non-local realm of no time and no space. You can regain access to your true home by consciously expanding your consciousness with the breath, then shifting your focus to a location beyond the limits of the physical body. I recommend a spot about one foot above the skull. Go there often.

The genie is not inside a bottle. It lies within your consciousness. How do you know if you can trust the genie’s voice? Act on what you hear in your mind, and if the guidance is truly from a higher source, your experience will speak for itself.

To experience a life that is God-guided — one in which you no longer feel the need to look outside yourself for answers — be still. Take a deep breath. Shift your focus, listen, and trust the still, small Voice within.

After a lifetime of left-brain living, I have learned to do just that. The result is a sense of inner peace, joy, and unerring guidance — available to all of us — including these words, received as a mere whisper in the silence:

Sit quietly and ask to know the world beyond yourself
And then to you will come a sense of treasure beyond wealth.
For now, relax and trust our words as your reality expands.
For trust is what this path you’re on so frequently demands.
A greater sense of knowingness will be your great reward.
For stepping out and trusting, God’s bright light you’re drawn toward.



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