Ghostly Spaces, Historical Places and the Crystal Mines of Arkansas


On October 15-19, local psychic, medium, healer, teacher and lecturer Carol Lowell will lead a bus tour to Arkansas — specifically the haunted sites in Eureka Springs and the crystal mines in Hot Springs — allowing participants to experience an adventure and therapeutic spa getaway.

The deluxe motor coach will travel through the Ozark Mountains and Ouachita National Forest, and guests will stay in nationally recognized historic hotels. Meanwhile, they will learn about ghosts and communicating with them, as well as how to dig quartz crystals in a natural setting.

Participants also are invited to join the tour in Hot Springs if not traveling with the group from Minneapolis.

Carol Lowell shared her thoughts on the excursion:

Carol, what inspired you to take folks to explore Arkansas?
Carol Lowell: I have heard so many people talking about the amazing crystal mines located  in Arkansas and had often thought about going there and digging. This past winter at an expo, a friend showed me a large beautiful crystal he found. After talking to him a bit, I decided “I need to go.” After doing a little research, I discovered that the crystals found in Arkansas and Brazil are some of the best quality in the world so I decided to go check it out for myself.

The architectural history, beautiful mountains, Hot Springs (known for their natural healing spring waters) and the many beautiful crystals that I found with my mom and sister took my breath away. And then to top it off, I had some great conversations with several ghosts that I met along the way. I thought to myself, “I am a healer, a spirit communicator and a crystal lover, what more could a girl ask for? I need to share this with people,” so I planned my tour.

How would you describe the scenery in the Eureka Springs area?
CL: Eureka Springs reminds me a bit of Stillwater, Minn., except on a much larger scale. The buildings are built into the mountain landscape. Eureka Springs was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1970. We will be sleeping at the haunted Basin Park Hotel, which was built in 1905. We will be taking an evening ghost tour of their sister property, The Crescent Hotel, known as “Americas Most Haunted Hotel” and we’ll have discussions with the ghosts that occupy it.

For those who haven’t gone to Arkansas to dig crystals, briefly explain the process.
CL: Digging for crystals is easier than I thought. The crystal mines are above ground and not in a cave as I had expected. My best tool was my small hand garden rake and my five-gallon bucket to put my crystals in. Many crystals are just lying around on the ground, but some you need to dig up sand or clay to uncover them.

What do you hope participants will receive from your tour to Arkansas?
CL: First and foremost, I hope everyone finds delight in digging up their own unique crystals. Because we will be traveling on the bus together, I will have time to teach participants about ghosts, how to feel their energy fields, communicate with them and answer any questions they may have about ghost and spirits. I also hope everyone finds joy and excitement discovering something new, some type of spiritual experience, an “ah-ha” moment, something they never thought they would ever be able to experience on their own.

For complete details on the travel event, call 612.840.3562, email [email protected] or visit

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