Innate Psychic Expansion: Follow your inclinations to strengthen your inherent psychic foundation


During a recent horoscope reading, I looked at my client’s chart and, seeing a loaded twelfth house, commented on her natural ability to receive excellent guidance.

“But you don’t feel other people’s feelings,” I said.

She agreed with that statement. This woman’s twelfth house planets were in Sagittarius, a sign rife with trust and faith in God and life (barring energetic interference). I view the twelfth house, which is said to signify many ethereal aspects of our beings, as The Mystic: the mysterious realm to which this client was securely and strongly attuned.

The horoscope in question lacked the water element, which is the astrological signature of empaths — those who feel others’ feelings.

Psychic phenomena take different channels in different people. Each of us has at least one channel that is naturally clear and open. As we gain life experience and awareness, other channels may open or become more active, especially if we welcome the new pathway(s) as a positive development — as opposed to shunning it: “I don’t want to know/think/feel/see/hear that!”

The easiest way to become more astute at receiving and accurately understanding the information we receive is to cultivate that which comes easily and naturally. We do this by taking our psychic experience seriously and not discounting the information we receive – even if or when it appears to conflict with “physical evidence.” (Getting you to discount your psychic perceptions is a sure way for a con artist to con you; you’ll then regretfully say something like: “I knew it was a bad idea! I had a feeling!” No matter. Chalk such experiences up to a lesson in appreciating and respecting your own psychic ability.)

Countless books are available offering exercises designed to help you recognize, identify and refine your intuition, and other articles in this month’s Edge are sure to point you in good directions. If you follow step one — honor the inherent ability that is evident — your intuition will lead you to the books, classes, teachers and/or methods that are best suited to you.

Psychic ability begins “at home.” It’s imperative that you “know thy Self” and show due respect to the guidance you receive. Trust and honor your Self, and it will lead you down the path your soul intends.

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