Intuition allows Us to Live a Little More


We all have the ability to develop our intuition and use our intuition as a means to live a little healthier, live a little happier and live a little easier. Using our intuition to move energy can produce real, tangible change in many ways in our lives, and many people report results within minutes.

Before we go any further, shake your body a bit, and gently tap your heels to the floor about 10 times. Close your eyes and think about something that is bothering you, something that does not make you feel good — work stress, relationship stress, physical pain, etc. Allow yourself to really feel whatever it is. There is a quite a difference in how you are feeling isn’t there?

Now simply place this feeling in an imaginary balloon, allow the balloon to float away from you and pop it, sending all the bits and pieces out in the universe to be recycled to a higher good. You don’t have to “own” it, or “figure” it out, and it does not even have to make sense to your brain.

Now for the fun part: Shake your body out a bit and tap your heels to the floor about 10 times. Close your eyes and think of the best thing that has ever happened to you, or the place you go to feel at home, the person you love the most, etc. Allow your body to settle and really feel what it is like to feel aligned with something good. This is a strong response, and it’s good for your body. Ask this feeling/energy to stay in the center of your being. This improves and aligns your energy with positive energy and raises your energy/frequency. Again, tap your heels to the floor about 10 times to ground and center yourself.

These simple exercises help to start the beginning of opening your intuition. They begin to show you the difference between what is good for you and what is not. As you are doing this, you are developing what some call the third eye (between and just above your eyebrows), which connects easily and quickly to a deep inner knowing. The more you use this space, the faster and more efficient it becomes.

Whatever brings you joy increases your energy. Whatever stresses you brings your energy level down. In this busy world, we need to find a balance that sustains and nourishes us on all levels of well-being.

Here’s another fun thing to do to improve your intuition: Have a partner write a number on a piece of paper. Don’t look at the paper. Just close your eyes and visualize what is on that paper. Say the first number that pops into your head. You may be surprised at how often you guess right!

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