Relax and be Ready to Receive Intuition


The key factor to fully access psychic information is to be relaxed and ready to receive. Simply let go of the outside world and access the power within — the intuition. Use imagination to create a peaceful place in your mind to be calm, quiet and still; be ready to observe, listen and feel. Soft and easy listening music, nature sounds or silence supports being still.

Most of us have psychic experiences in unexpected ways. They may appear as nudges, hunches, signs, synchronicity of people and events, day or night dreams, a voice, a thought or a visual experience. Psychic communication is an intention to inform, prepare and guide. Perhaps it is time for you to connect and communicate through your innate capabilities.

Simple exercises to strengthen psychic abilities include the use of playing cards. The purpose is to focus, because that increases alertness and awareness to all senses. Psychic skills work best with specific purpose and intention, for that activates the intuition to provide what you want to know.

Playing cards
Here are two ways to use playing cards to discover how you receive answers psychically:

  • To play Concentration, lay out all 52 cards face down. Each player chooses a card and then its match. No match, the cards go back down and another player does the same. In the beginning, the process is teaching you to pay attention to the placement of the cards and their match. As more cards are chosen to match, remembering placements allows success to match. The player with the most cards from matching success is the winner. Play alone or not.
  • Using two cards face down, choose the highest. Continue to put out two cards at a time until the deck is completed; each time, choose the highest value. Place your hand above each card and notice any intuitive response. You may feel something above one card and something else on the other, such as rising upward, or warmth or simply noticing the movement of your eyes to highest value card. Then, add one card and choose the highest card from three that are face down. With practice, you will improve, and at the same time discover psychic signs and sensations that work for you.

Folded paper
Write questions as statements on pieces of paper and then fold each paper. Example question: Am I going to have a good time at Tom’s party? Statement: I had a good time at Tom’s party. Place your hand above each folded paper and receive signs for yes or no, using your eyes, hands, feelings or other indicator. Then write three statements written and folded. For example: Your new job was A, B or C as three choices of possible outcomes for psychic response. No response to any would be three No’s. Do it again.

Objects or photos
Choose objects or photos and place each one into an envelope to experience, as if blind. Hold and touch each envelope one at a time and allow your psychic sense to present images, words, feelings or sensations. Write down what you experienced for each envelope, and then open the envelope and compare the object or photo with your response. Trust the intuition over logic and expect the unexpected.

Here are five factors to improve psychic skills:

  • Consider — probabilities and possibilities.
  • Explore — different ways of learning.
  • Pay Attention — openly receive, time gives clarity.
  • Trust — Be open, for truth reveals and directs.
  • Experience — Accept what is received and review afterwards.

Psychic skills come from your innate intuition. Playing a piano simply requires a pair of hands; becoming a concert pianist takes support and commitment. The same is true for any successful endeavor. We cannot succeed in life without our intuition. Think of intuition as a guardian angel protector and guide at your service. It’s always available; we all have the choice to use it — or not.

To be human is simple and complex. Trust that the human experience is created with all that is needed for growth and potential to happen. It is a process of time and effort, which is how improvement to good, better and best works. Live the adventure and help humanity to know and grow.

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