Rewire your Energetic System to Receive your Innate Intuitive Ability


Psychic powers proceed from a connection to the vast, unseen world and are proof positive that there is more to reality than meets the eye. In today’s world, where information is hurled at us at lightning speed, who would not want to have an edge at discerning, deciphering, and assessing this constant stream of data? Since much of the incoming information is conflicting, how is anyone to know what is helpful, or what is important?

If you have a hunch that perceiving additional information would enable you to distinguish truth and act in alignment with your own goals, you are correct!

Psychic abilities come in many different stripes and are actually subtle, refined extensions of our regular senses. When we are born, we are very connected to our higher spiritual natures. It is only through conditioning that we “forget” and lose those connections. People who perceive on an extrasensory level simply have been able to maintain those connections, at least to a degree, but they are fundamentally no different from the rest of us. Everyone in the world has latent psychic abilities — they are our birthright — and anyone can learn to develop them. It is merely a matter of rewiring our energetic systems to reintegrate the abilities with which we were born.

But how is the rewiring to be done? First, it is important to recognize that the family and community into which you were born had certain assumptions that they passed along to you. They meant well, no doubt, and did it out of love, but some of this programming probably no longer serves you.

To find the truth of your own soul, as opposed to the “truth” of your tribe, it is helpful to employ certain tools that eliminate the “noise” around you so that the still, small voice within can be heard. Learning to use a grounding cord to siphon off discordant thoughts and emotions is one good first step. Being able to locate a distinct area in the center of the head where old programming can be removed through intention is another. Once you experience the clarity that comes with cleansing yourself of other people’s energy, you can connect to your Higher Self, which is intimately connected with Source.

Psychic abilities are the flowers that bloom when the roots of our inner spiritual natures are nourished through connection with Source.

Once clear, you can develop your psychic potential through intentional practice. Let’s start with clairvoyance, or psychic seeing. We all know that we can see without looking at something; we dream, don’t we? And we oftentimes flash on pivotal past events as if they were movies.

Here is a simple exercise for beginners to enhance clairvoyant abilities using memory, imagination and focus. Find a photograph of a rose or, better yet, a real rose, and hold it in front of you. You can use something besides a rose, but the vibratory signature of a rose is very high, so I am suggesting it as a way to elevate your frequency for this exercise. Study the photo intently, noticing each detail: the position of the leaves, the inner and outer petals of the flower, any dewdrops or thorns, etc. As you breathe, close your eyes while still looking at the rose. Try to maintain a steady image even when your eyelids are completely closed. You may not have success at first, but just imagine the original rose to the best of your ability. In a very short time, with practice, you will be able to keep the image continuous, regardless of whether your eyes are open or closed.

As you gain confidence that you can “see” without looking, you will be able to magnify this ability and others. In addition to clairvoyance, we are capable of hearing, sensing, tasting, smelling and knowing in expanded ways, with each individual experiencing a unique blend of deepened perception. As you open your consciousness to greater realities, deeper joy and fulfillment will naturally flow. The only prerequisites are an open mind, an open heart and an ability to stay focused.

However, the question to be asked is not just “How can I improve my psychic abilities?” but rather, “How can I utilize these expanded ways of knowing to improve my own life and the lives of others?” By themselves, psychic abilities are neutral. When used to explore soul purpose or to serve humanity, they become a positive force for shifting your own consciousness and our collective consciousness to higher levels. The ability to take in more complete information about any situation, to perceive beyond the obvious “facts,” allows us to choose actions that promote well-being for ourselves, for our species, and for the planet as a whole.

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