Enhancing your Psychic Abilities: Using your Gifts in Your Daily Life


Increasing your psychic abilities is about improving your “tool box” of gifts. Of course, I have always said that attending a good psychic development class should be the first thing one should do to open up and learn about the psychic process and to experience the many facets of the craft.

Yes, practicing your intuitive skills, meditation, following a good diet and believing in your abilities is essential to hone your skills, but after that development stage, what you do with your gifts is where the real enhancing starts.

So, how can you best use your abilities in your everyday existence?

Through many years of teaching psychic development classes, I find that a majority of my students are teachers, health care workers and police officers. Their professions demand that they experience intense and personal encounters with their fellow human beings every day. Each uses their skills to better provide assistance and excel in their fields.

Those in the health care industry often have encounters within the Spirit and ghost realms. Students have revealed how, after walking into the rooms of patients to witness the sick or dying, they are surrounded by (angelic) lights or human forms of those who want to help heal or are waiting to escort a patient back home to the Other Side. Meanwhile, family and friends surrounding the patient usually are totally unaware of the Spirit presence. My students utilize their psychic abilities to help the sick and their families by receiving the perfect words of comfort and support from Spirit. They also “tap” into their patient’s body and offer a diagnosis that may be difficult for doctors to determine.

I have taught police officers and TSA employees, all of whom use their abilities to help identify possibly troubled people or potential threats. Every time they “listen” to their intuition or psychic information, they are able to act more quickly and effectively in responding to situations — saving lives in the process. They all tell me that they have become the best “lie detectors” among their peers!

The teachers among my students are some of my favorites. Almost all of them work with children of special needs. They are surrounded by intense and often far-reaching energy all day long. These teachers use their psychic gifts to “read and feel” what their students need. This is especially powerful when their students are unable to communicate through normal body language or voice inflections. Students benefit from the ability of teachers to help them navigate and excel in the world. These teachers are truly healers.

By using their psychic abilities in each of their prospective fields, my students stretch their psychic “muscle,” finetuning and increasing their awareness in the process. By increasing their awareness, they are better able to help their patients, students and community members.

Incorporate your gifts into your daily life, enhance your skills and see how magical and powerful you can be!


  1. I talk with a medium that came to my home town for a visit and he told me i was medically intuitive and asked me if I sometimes know thing before they happen and I do sometimes I dream about somethings like knowing a baby is born before anyone tells me or someone is going to have a baby just thing that I would just think hey i knew that already or have thats feeling of dejavou he said I would never go public with this because of where I live wich is ok but now that he has told me this I feel like I want to learn more about it because I have always felt there was something missing and maybe this is it do you have any suggestions


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