Yoga for YOU: Camel Pose

Camel Pose is a heart-opener that is accessed through lengthening the low back instead of crunching it while pressing the sternum to the sky. We expand our hearts in this pose by focusing on it. What we focus on always expands. When we take the time to focus into our heart’s center and energy, the vibration will guide us towards what is in alignment with spirit.

Our life’s purpose is in the present moment, and it can be guided by our connection to our expanding heart. In each moment we can acknowledge that which will expand or contract our hearts. It is as simple as choosing to smile at or open the door for a stranger, help a friend, play with your child, or dance to your favorite music.

We feel a small or large bliss when our hearts are expanding. Bliss is in alignment with our spirit. This is what continuously expands our hearts. When faced with the choice between love or fear in any given moment, choosing love and spirit will send bliss throughout every cell of your body. This generates internal happiness. For months now I have been developing the online program “30 Days to Your Happiest Life” where we dig deep to unleash your happiness. You can find more details at if you are interested in joining us!

Camel pose physically breaks through restrictions governing our hearts. As with all practices in yoga, opening your heart is holistic — it is approached from all aspects of your being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Practice camel pose daily to physically expand your heart.

Start kneeling and put padding under your knees if they feel tender. Place your hands to your low back with your fingers pointing down. Reach your tailbone downward (almost a little tuck under of your tailbone). Now you should feel like your low back is straighter, not more curved. Keep your tailbone pressing under and through your hips as you press your hips slightly forward. Squeeze your elbows towards each other. Press your chest up to the ceiling — this is the heart expanding part of the pose. Lift your chest up as high as you can.

You may feel a stretch across your collarbones, chest, shoulders and biceps. If you have a great stretch, stay right here. Otherwise bring your hands down to your heels, but if this action crunches your low back then bring your hands back to your lumbar. Slide your chin back so that your head can relax between your shoulders. Try saying the mantra, “My bliss guides me.” If it is difficult to say, then your neck is not in a relaxed and optimal position. Once you have found the posture, take five deep breaths repeating the mantra, “My bliss guides me.” Namasté.



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