A Growing Light


I lost my sight a while ago
Without knowing what was wrong
The shadowed wall of lightless black
Engulfed me with its song

Disappearing colors of fading light
Echo through my weary mind
The faces fade, but memories breathe
One by one, they meet and bind

Gentle touch from far above
Please help me understand
Take me, guide me, lead me home
Across this darkened land

The soul sings out through pains of loss
Ringing loud, and true and free
A growing light from down within
Shines bright the path for me

With staff in hand I make my way
Through twisting trails of sound
With gratitude and heartfelt thanks
For new visions I have found

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Deon P. Lyons
Deon P. Lyons is a writer within whom his childhood passions have made themselves a home. His love for telling stories and writing poetry lived strongly inside him as a growing boy and now as an older man. In 2010, Deon suffered vision loss due to complications from a battle he waged with retinal cancer as an infant in 1960, and he was reintroduced to another passion of his, the computer. With an amazing array of modern technology, making it possible for the visually impaired to gain access to the digital world, he began chapter two of his life. Deon has authored two books, a collection of poetry, short stories, a personal blog, and hundreds of other writings. He looks forward to starting college for the first time in the Fall 2014.


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