Anchored in the Light: Keeping Moored in a World Awash in Chaos


We see and hear chaos and struggle all around us, it seems. Chronic exposure to negative attitudes and activities can dim our light and lower our vibration. In such an environment, what is a lightworker to do?

Fear is the primary element that decreases light and blocks its expansion. Fear is the culprit behind outrage, judgment, gossip, attempts to exert control, and frequently (but not always) anger. It often plays a part in “us versus them” scenarios, in which the judgment of “good” or “bad/evil” is placed on either side. If we’re going to remain anchored in the Light, we must avoid fear-based and fear-filled content in our news, entertainment and social interactions.

Release your fear to God, asking “Him” to replace it with inner peace and serenity. Daily meditation and prayer increases your vibration as the practice(s) become daily routines. Any heart-centered creative expression increases light, as does physical activity.

Our light brightens when we focus on that which uplifts and inspires us while avoiding the negativity and drama swirling around us. This means we must not resist or struggle against these things, lest we be drawn into the conflict. A benefit of this positive focus is that the challenges we face in our own lives will become much more manageable.

Social media is a particularly challenging environment to the lightworker. The people we connect with may have different perspectives, even purposes, than we do. We may have to make some hard decisions when we find ourselves connected to those who share toxic posts or comments. It’s up to us to manage these situations by limiting our exposure. Sometimes this may mean we must unfriend, disconnect or even block another from our pages.

We must make choices as we move through each day: Is what we’re viewing, reading, seeing and hearing helping to maintain and build our light? Or is it not? Does it bring our energy down, distracting us from a steady, optimistic perspective? We must answer these questions honestly, and then act accordingly.

Discipline is needed to form consistent good habits of mind and activity. Once the habit is established (after 40 days of consistent practice), we must continue the practices we’ve started to maintain our new, higher vibration. As we continue in this vein, our vibration will continue to rise, which will have an exponential effect on the world around us.

The goal is to stay centered and balanced. There is no danger in getting too much light, although a large sudden increase may create certain difficulties or discomfort. It is best to put ourselves on an energy diet: consume only that which lifts you up, while avoiding that which brings you down. Stop the yo-yo effect and step firmly into the Light.

As you increase the amount of light you carry, your light will influence the energy and people around you to increasingly greater degrees. This is how we spread peace and can create it in the world, working together with others who are doing the same. There is no need to struggle to change the world. When we moor ourselves in Light, it happens as the result of our very existence.

Staying anchored in the Light will amplify the light in the world, which is the true work of a lightworker.

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Lori Buss
Lori Buss is an astrologer in the Twin Cities area. She focuses on helping clients through life transitions, guiding them to a more satisfying life! Please contact Lori by email or visit her website for more information.


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