The shift from an era that has lasted for several millennia into a new age is happening. The Earth is ascending and we are going with her. The spirits have informed me that the shifts of 2012 have the potential of being cataclysmic or revolutionary. These years have great potential for confusion, and there are insidious dangers that surround us. Simple action can create tremendous protection and ease while we surf the wave of this monumental energy.

The way of the world often pulls us from our true self instead of aligning with it. Being in alignment with the natural cycles of the planets is minor in comparison to devastating thought forms that hold us separate from our mother the Earth.

For centuries we have remained in an illusion — and a delusion — that humans have dominance over the Earth and its creatures. Meanwhile, indigenous cultures see all of life as interdependent and unified. Over time, human beings have evolved to lose that understanding and to imagine themselves as separate and superior. Indigenous cultures provide a wisdom that exceeds the simple logic that most human beings rely on. Humankind’s need to dominate everything has led to a state of resistance and blindness to the true nature of the living system.

A vital step towards ascension — or raising your vibration into higher levels of awareness — is being in harmonic resonance with all life by respecting, honoring and devoting one’s self to expressing reverence of all life. Such reverence doesn’t need to be gallant or noble; it originates from the heart. It is expressed by the feeling of great appreciation. It can be done by spending time each day appreciating the Earth and all of her inhabitants.

Independent of your history, the act of appreciating the Earth will help heal the dire straits we have created. To literally send the energy of love and appreciation with thoughtful intention to the Earth moves the pendulum along the continuum of life, and it helps to create a new thought pattern that will influence humanity positively.

Appreciation cuts through interdimensional lines of reality and services those of the invisible worlds. We are all together as we move collectively with the Earth into her ascended state of consciousness. All inhabitants are involved. Appreciate and be in awe of the unseen.

I recently asked the spirits, “How much do we actually see around us?” I was dumbfounded when they replied, “Less than 1 percent.” We are blind, and yet, we are determined to focus on domination.

Another lethal thought form that humans have generated is the belief that we are separate from God, Creator, or Source. This belief has destroyed vitality, worthiness, inspiration, creativity and passion among all people. It is intrinsic — and your connection to source is unequivocal. Appreciation, again, is the healer of this illusionary state. Feeling appreciation actually changes your DNA. It creates new connections in your brain and repatterns thought waves. It reprograms, revitalizes and reconstructs new harmonic patterns in your light body. The feeling transfigures you.

Praise the Earth, praise life, praise the magnificence of a flower, praise yourself and learn the feeling of appreciation. They are blissful and ecstatic. Learn the feeling of appreciation so well that you can call it up with your will; it automatically fuels the transformation of your being.

During these turbulent times of chaotic weather patterns, governmental holocaust, environmental distress, be an activist of the highest order. Take action through appreciation! Not only will you change yourself, you will contribute to the transformation of humanity.

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