Choose to be Alive

Sometimes, you have to sit back and just be. That’s why I shared this video. Four minutes of straight-up truth. More powerful than any words I can share with you this month. Did you watch it? All of it? And how did it make you feel?

Prince EA, who delivers the incredible message, is an up-and-coming rapper out of the north side of St. Louis, probably not far from Ferguson, where unarmed teen Michael Brown died in the street, where protests led to a military assault by the local police department, where the Attorney General of the United States had to step in to calm tensions in a community that fears law enforcement officers who pledge to “serve and protect” but choose to use deadly force to apprehend kids who are lost and just need love more than added violence in their lives.

Watching this video reminds me that even when a forest fire scorches the earth and turns everything to dust, young green, tendrils have the power to push through the ashes and rise to the sun, recycling a dead zone into lush life. Yes, the secrets have to be said and the corruption has to be seen and the death cycle has to play out before it can be replaced by a new something, an energy that wants to thrive in the truth and exist in the love whence it was birthed.

We are experiencing the death and rebirth of ourselves simultaneously, just as our bodies miraculously regenerate like clockwork. We think we are the same but we are a totally new being every seven years, a new container for an eternal soul that never grows weary because every moment is a new beginning.

Share your comments on what you feel. Take the opportunity to awaken and be part of the restorative movement taking place all around us. Choose to be alive.



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