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Of all the things I’ve written about, this topic is still my favorite subject: Connecting to that beautiful light within — or in modern terms, connecting to our inner GPS for guidance.

Within every living being, including the animal kingdom, an amazing knowing exists inside of the soul, and it has been there since we were first created. The Source that created us installed this GPS to give us guidance, direction, warnings, reassurance and answers. It’s a knowing, a hunch, a gut feeling, that is always accurate and never steers us wrong. How many things in life can you say that about? Not too many.

The challenge of living by this inner guidance is that the still small voice is silent. It would be great if it had a voice like James Earl Jones, but it’s pretty much the opposite of that deep booming voice — and therein lies the problem. It takes time to learn how to”hear” the voice and connect to how it communicates to us. Today, everyone is in a hurry and we don’t think we have time to stop and listen — but, au contraire.

We can and need to learn how to listen to this silent voice. It’s imperative to our success. We think our success comes from hard work and planning, but it’s actually the opposite. It comes from listening to and trusting the guidance — and then taking that guidance to our amazing brains to manifest what we were told.

Think of it this way: This inner knowing has your life plan memorized. It knows what you want to accomplish and all about your goals and aspirations. It knows the people with whom you need to associate, the people with whom you have karma, and the people from whom you need to stay away. It knows you, your personality and your past lives. Your inner GPS has all the information it needs to help you make the best decisions possible for your life — everything from dates, the perfect day for an outdoor event, when to make a purchase, and what schools are best for you, your children and grandchildren. It knows if you really need a new transmission or if you’re being scammed by someone. It has all the information you need to live a successful, productive, relevant life — and that information is yours for the asking.

The problem that I hear over and over from people is that they don’t trust their inner voice — and many are afraid of what it’s going to tell them. They feel this way because this still small voice is the voice of the Creator, and that brings up all kinds of feelings people have about God. Many are angry or resentful of God for the crummy things that have happened in their life, still believing that it’s “His” fault. Religion gets in the way and people would rather not have to deal with any of it.

The still small voice is not about religion. It’s about a loving God who loves you unconditionally and wants you to be a happy, productive person. It wants to make life easier for you.

So, how do you hear this silent voice?

For just about everything in life, we go to our mind to figure things out. It’s important to retrain yourself to go to the area between your heart and your gut. Use your imagination to see a brilliant white light at the Center of your soul. Create it to look any way you choose. I used to visualize it as Command Central: A big room filled with white light, where all the knowingness existed. I imagined going into that room to get the information I needed. I learned how to feel the nudges I’d get: “yes” responses felt energetic, and “no” responses” felt blank.

In the beginning when I was learning how to hear the voice, I would only get yes or no answers, and as I’ve progressed spiritually, the answers have become more detailed. I talk to my inner voice throughout the day. Any decisions that have to be made, any help I need, I seek and receive the guidance.

Place your attention in your heart/gut, not in your brain. Find times throughout the day to be quiet and listen. The most important part of this process is to stay out of your head — and listen. The more you can do this, the easier it gets. Shut off the radio and TV. Walk away from the computer. Close your eyes and connect with that light. Ask specific questions, or simply ask if it has any guidance for you. The more you do this, the easier it gets.

Go to your inner voice first for guidance, and then go to your mind/brain to execute that guidance.

There’s one more important rule to remember about intuition: It does not have emotion. If you’re feeling anxious or fearful in your gut, that is not your intuition. Even when it delivers “bad” information, it will come with calmness. Intuition is not about drama. It’s about keeping it simple and getting right to the point.

I wish you the best on your intuitive journey. There’s nothing more magical than living by this still small voice.

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Echo Bodine
Echo Bodine offers psychic readings, healings and teaching spiritual classes. She is the author of 10 books, the latest of which is What Happens When We Die, about death from the soul's perspective. Her online psychic development classes are reaching people all over the globe. She continues to travel and teach psychic development and intuitive development workshops for the Edgar Cayce foundation. Visit Echo's website or contact her by email.


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