Conscious Living is being Connected


Our connection to Divinity is our birthright and a constant in our life. Whether we choose to stay consciously aware of our connection is the conflict we all share at times.

Life is busy, but for most of us the option of sitting on a mountain top to acquire centeredness, groundedness and connection is not a reality in this life. Connecting through meditation, yoga, exercise, walks in the woods, or any other practice you feel guided to explore also can be a struggle to fit in on a daily basis. Life is not going to slow down. Our technological culture continues to figure out new ways to live life more “efficiently,” creating an expectation of cramming more into our day.

So how is it we conquer this desire to feel connected? It is about conscious awareness. Awareness that we are connected all the time and we are choosing to be consciously committed to this awareness. Committed to remaining in the vibration of our highest knowing, to listen and feel our guidance.

We watch our thoughts; we choose what we decide to read, watch, and pay attention to where we choose to spend our time and with whom. It is imperative we make choices that support our knowing we are connected. If we are putting ourselves in situations of drama, our connection is being filtered through this energy in our field.

Our energy fields are like radio devices constantly transmitting and receiving signals from and into the environment. Our perception comes from five physical and several non-physical channels. These channels pick up the vibrations of the environment. The physical channels are your perception of sound, smell, texture, color and taste. The non-physical channels are part of the subtle energy bodies or chakra system. These energy bodies process information through these vibrations we receive in our environment.

Our physical channels allow us to smell a flower, watch TV or listen to music. Our non-physical channels allow us to perceive other people’s thoughts, emotions and consciousness. When we receive these subliminal messages, we can be aware of the information or not, but we are always being influenced by them. When we choose to be aware of this information, we awaken to listening to our “gut feelings” — our intuition. This is our conscious point of feeling connected.

All informational energy is processed according to our human stage of development. Informational energy is processed pre-rationally, rationally, and post-rationally. The pre-rational stage is connected to our primal information processing — our instincts, which keep us aware of our surroundings and safe. The rational stage of processing informational energy is through our intellect. You use reason to make choices based on information you have acquired. The post-rational stage of processing is our intuition. It is accessed through our higher chakras, guiding us to be our highest ascended spiritual being.

All informational energy enters our physical and non-physical being through the environment and is then translated through our energy field. Your translation of its meaning is the result of how consciously aware you are of your energy field, your level of development, your values, belief systems and where you are on your ascension process. The translation happens through felt sensations, through mental images and through sounds and words.

Our evolutionary process is based on the growth of our perceptions. As we grow in our knowing and translating of these informational energies, we begin to understand the “all that is.” What do I mean by the “all that is?” It is our connectedness to all and how the reflection of our environment is there to teach us who we are and our potential in this lifetime. The informational energies we are perceiving every day are present for our survival, as well as our awakening to grow.

Evolution occurs by transcending all stages of perceptions — from instinct to reason to intuition. By learning to connect to your gut feelings, you create safer and healthier choices naturally; greater mental clarity helps you reason your way to increased success and self-expression, enabling you to learn and acquire life skills with greater ease. Activating and expanding your intuition awakens you to the beauty, goodness and truth of your Divine Nature.

This process is our knowing of our constant connection.

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Leslee Nelson
Leslee Nelson is the owner of Your Infinite Energy. She facilitates her clients to a deeper self-realization through her energy transmissions and transformational energetic truth imprints. Leslee works with conscious patterns of energy, accelerating one's Soul evolution. Serving everyone, including starseeds and lightworkers.


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