Golden Light Particle Breathing: Remaining Calm during Times of Rapid Change


Here I am proposing a simple way to remain calm and centered and/or return to your divine connection while going about daily activities of work, school, chores, travel, play, etc. This simple breathing awareness can be used by anyone, anywhere. You also can use it for sit-down meditation, as well as going about your daily life activities. It is healing, soothing and calming.

This timeless, practical connection to divine essence is reflected in depictions of golden halos and/or golden auras in religious art. Contemporary spiritual art shows the light body or merkabah in golden light around the physical body.

Simple Golden Light Breathing
This is a simple way to do Golden Light Breathing:

  • First, imagine, see, feel, intend or simply wish for a cloud of golden light particles over the top of your head — just as you might imagine fairy dust.
  • As you breathe in, imagine the top of your head opening and the golden light particles flowing into your head (crown chakra).
  • On your second in breath, imagine the golden particles descending to the area behind your eyebrows (3rd eye chakra).
  • On a subsequent breath, imagine the golden particles descending to your throat chakra.
  • Next imagine the golden particles flowing downward and filling the area of your thymus (the center of your chest you thump when you play gorilla).
  • Then let the golden particles flow into your heart chakra in the center of your chest near your physical heart.
  • On subsequent in breaths, let the golden particles flow all around your body.

You can do this simple breathing at any time: while doing dishes, waiting for a phone call to go through, standing in line, walking, doing chores, etc. You can do this golden light breathing quickly in the midst of your busy day. You also can do it in a more relaxed setting and allow the golden particles to assist in healing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Healing with light is the essence of many spiritual healing modalities.

It is easy to do a few rounds of golden particle breathing when falling asleep to promote restful regenerative sleep and have golden dreams.

You can amplify its effects by adding an intention: “Help my body to heal and regenerate while I sleep” or any other intentions or affirmations that arise as you breathe in the golden particles. Add a prayer, request or intention for healing to begin as you breathe in the golden particles.

You can also guide children to use this “breathing game” to help them calm down, fall asleep, get focused, etc.

Breathing in golden light particles can help you expand your awareness and attune more to the rapid changes happening on planet earth at this time as the shift continues to accelerate. It will also raise your vibration. Your increasing calmness will help those around you to also copy this increasing vibration template.

As you continue practicing breathing golden light particles, you may find the particles change colors, and they may expand in many fascinating ways to assist your journey to health and living in divine consciousness.

Start with one or two rounds per day. Gradually increase up to 50 rounds per day as your capacity allows. Be gentle with yourself and allow the process to unfold in an organic supportive way. More is not better.

Have fun exploring the adventure of golden particle breathing in your unique journey to become more aware and more multidimensional.

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Pat Crosby
Pat Crosby regularly contributes to the Sedona Journal. She spent decades studying spirituality on four continents, has a Ph.D. equivalent in Clinical Psychology, spent many years in business, traveled and taught healing modalities on three continents, and ran a healing center for 12 years. You can find Youtube channeled meditations, writings, sacred site travel and private guidance sessions online at


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