How to Stay Connected to the Light in a Distracted World


What is this “Light connection,” or the Source of the spiritual in relationship to the material? Awareness of the unseen gives us the opportunity to lay aside distractions. The near-silent modifier of our daily thoughts attempts to guide us to its source.

For untold millions, religion is a path prescribed by conditioning through familial or social pressure. Stepping aside from this imposition of beliefs, one learns to ignore incessant distractions, and arrives at inner silence.

The phenomena of our natural world parade by, but it leaves us with the questions: Where does all this come from — and who created this? Most importantly, why? Is all of this for the entertainment of the Source? Why, among this splendid and beautiful creation, is there so much pain?

A connection is a relationship between two sources of energy. Unfortunately, we rarely think of the unseen connection of consciousness, which unites all living beings — and most especially, humankind.

We are connected to the Source from the time we are born, until the hour of our release.

Everyday lives
It is difficult to find one person who is not connected to an activity. From when we awaken in the morning until — more often than not — late at night, we are busy with chores of one kind or another. We’re involved in mentally and physically challenging work. Our lives are arranged according to the choices we have made, or the choices that were made for us.

Our human connections are vital to our survival as interacting, contributing individuals of our society. We are a decidedly gregarious species and, as John Donne said, “No man is an island.”

The demands of our days, more often than not, compel us to forget the other side of our connection: namely, the unseen, inner generator of all that moves us from one task, project or plan to the next one. Little do we reflect on our daily distractions, whether they range from work to background or foreground entertainment, as in TV programs, or the tingle-tangle of meaningless sounds.

When we recognize that a distracted world has us cornered, we may want to take a specific time twice a day to “take leave of our senses” — so that in silence, we may recover our equanimity. Ask the basic question: Why am I here, on this planet, at this time, in this condition?

What is purpose? We may conclude that human purpose is to share a contribution that will bring greater comfort, enjoyment, peace and relief from pain to one or many. After all, the essence of all desires is to derive pleasure, and to avoid pain.

Connect with Light
How, then, is it possible to connect our consciousness to Light? What Light? One way of defining the Light is: the Love who eternally creates all manifest consciousness.

To recognize that Light, seriously consider the heart of any living creature — especially our own. The latter often is a source of anxiety, because of health issues. Consider the heart of a chick embryo, under a microscope. It beats, non-stop, until the observer discards the yolk, upon which the embryo thrives — just as humanity discards billions of beating animal hearts daily, for a misunderstood need.

The observer or listener to a heart does well to enter into silence, and contemplate the mystery of life. No course in history, no study of any science or art, will substitute.

If the mystery is so profound, and constitutes an ineffable, unconditional and infinite Love, why is there such endless distraction of evil in this world? It is because we have failed to connect with the Light.

Those who are concerned enough, who care enough, will come together. The tool for such exercise is the cooperation of the Light-minded. It isn’t enough to say prayers on the seventh day in church or synagogue or mosque. We must wrap the evildoers into self-reflection, by focusing our Light energy around their consciousness.

Our Light energy, united with other Light energies, will confer peace onto a world, on the cusp of emancipation.

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Roswitha v. Andersheim
Roswitha v. Andersheim was born in Germany, and she came to this country after World War II. She counts as her main interests writing, art and music. A university graduate, she taught school and remains focused on teaching whatever her skills allow. Closer to 100 than to 50 years of age, she hopes to connect with those who likewise are focused on contributing towards a more peace-oriented world.


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