I See The Rising: A Soul Bow of Gratitude to the Prairie Island “Dakota Days” Powwow


Colors, in soft footsteps — they dance all around me. Spinning, mindful, conscious, Is-ness moving forward. It’s not about the earthquakes that have replaced the buffalo’s deep penetrating massage of the earth that stirs me in these moments, but the ancestors who are still there, in the faces of the blessed, with their heritage, their bone structure, soil-toned purity in flesh. Their spirits are there, in peace, all around me, but heavy with burden of monumental sadness, yet to be felt by the one party who must for world peace to be borne, which is the descendants of their transgressors, so that the battle of Love may be won.

There is no honor in wishing myself different in a place where tribe, culture, tradition, sacredness and beauty look to be preserved, maintained. I am there because I understand –through genetics or wayshowing. I question whether I am tainting the experience, simply by being present, as something other than what I am amidst. Everyone should. Hold that highest bar — require that things be the way they should, and admit consideration to nothing less.

Desecration of sacred sites, places and peoples in Mexico, the Amazon rain forests, in Tibet, the Middle East, elsewhere, here on American soil again: We still have not learned, in all these years, to totally wash out the annihilators, as though they have anything to offer us except just that — destruction.

No more. Know your ancestors, why they lived, what they died for, how to create more enlightened, intelligent answers to the wounds that have healed all wrong due to neglect, not-knowing — and all other forms of not caring.

All of life is sacred. As United States citizens, we are meant to embody, as One Body, the universal tribe — through the protection of our own diversity, lifelong learning, understanding, choosing to honor, including the natural connections that create the team synergy that will allow no one to be left behind or held in anything but the highest light.

What is missing is this larger vision. What keeps us waiting is just that — waiting — for someone to present it who fits ideas based on the past or personal preferences, not Source’s. Source has no wisdom like that has come from patterns of error, historically, to shake all of us from our ideas of what composes Greatness or how it might show up.

Be your own inner Dancer. Show your spirit as Light that emanates through all of your Lite Brite piece demographics. You are just like everyone else like you — and so completely individual in the fact that you exist, simultaneously.

Show the ancient some respect. They spawned all of this. It is up to us to make it right, just, and better. Start with yourself. Today. And require it as the moral imperative for all things biological and your own treatment by others.

We are not here to compete for respect or status but to be responsible for our own will, life force energy, choices, power and, therefore, soul trail and legacy.

They dance because they have not been crushed yet. And because it was not meant to be.

I see them rising. And for all that exists.

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Amy Jin Schmelzer is a Spiritual Leader, Ashtanga-based/Santa Monica Power Yoga Teacher, Leader, and Healer, whose life path includes Corporate Creative grooming, New Age Spiritual Writing and Speaking, along with the practice of the EMF Balancing Technique and Spiritual Illumination work for others, Modeling and "Talent" work, Enlightened Consulting, all of which now falls under the category of "Love Yoga: The Movement," a Love Offering-based Movement that may eventually have its own physical home, and which staunchly encourages the values and virtues of all traditions of honor that have ever existed, starting with one's self, offering an experience of universal tribe that neither homogenizes nor condones collective egoism. This is her 1st writing for The Edge after regular appearances in The Edge's Heartland Edition in Kansas City, as an "awakened Indigo/Crystal Child."


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