It’s OK to feel like s**t sometimes, Dear Lightworkers


Do you feel bad about feeling bad, and beat yourself up when you’re already down? Heaven knows, I used to do it all the time (still do every once in a while, but now I redirect myself). I was such a good little lightworker, under the erroneous assumption that if I wasn’t a positive ray of sunshine every waking moment, that that meant I wasn’t spiritually evolved enough (whatever that means).

It pains me now whenever I witness other beautiful lightworkers avoiding their pain by sweeping it under a heaping pile of positivity. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that we go through life dwelling on our pain and spewing it upon everyone who’ll listen. We’d be a nightmare for ourselves and everyone around us. But, if we immediately try to turn around or “release” every negative emotion that creeps in, sooner or later we will find ourselves in a world of misery.

When we deny our emotions, we cause deeper wounds (think crater vs. crevice), lose golden opportunities for spiritual growth, and mute our irreplaceable emotional guidance system.

Our emotions are essential tools for our psychic awareness and development. They alert us when something is out of place, and when we are on the right track. They also reveal the wounded parts of our self, so that we may recognize the issue at hand, and begin the healing process. Beloved lightworkers, we must not deny our emotions; instead, we must learn to embrace them in all their beauty and darkness, for they are an integral part of our human experience, and our spiritual evolution.

Facing the Pain
Before we can release the negative emotions, we must explore them. Yet, this can feel impossible when our minds are going a mile a minute and we are truly freaking out. Use the following practice to explore your troubling emotions from a higher vantage point, and gain the spiritual lesson behind the pain:

OMG Points
When we become upset, we often go into fight, flight or freeze (FFF), just as our ancestors once did when their village was under attack by a wild animal or warring tribe. During FFF, nearly 80 percent of the blood leaves the forebrain, sending the body into a heightened state of awareness, pumped with enough adrenalin to counter attack or run like heck.

In Donna Eden’s energy medicine, she teaches that we can retrain our bodies out of FFF by working with our neurovascular points (points in which our meridians connect with the nervous system), so that we can keep the blood in our forebrain, and think clearly, even in times of great distress.

Here is the process:

  • Focus your awareness on the upsetting conditions and emotions.
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  • Lightly place your fingertips above the eyebrows (as pictured) and place your thumbs in the temples, next to the eyes. Take nice, slow, deep breaths. Hold for 1 to 5 minutes, releasing when you either feel the blood pumping in the forebrain, and/or feel a calming shift in your energy.

The best thing about this practice is that you don’t have to work so hard on trying to be positive! It just happens naturally, by shifting the flow of blood and energy in the body. When you direct your body to become peaceful, your mind naturally follows.

From this place of centered tranquility, you can reflect upon the troubling situation from the perspective of the higher mind, the divine mind. Here you will naturally cultivate solutions and gain a deeper understanding.

If you use this practice regularly, you can train your body and mind out of FFF response altogether. Can you imagine our world if we practiced this as a collective! There’d be a lot less bad news to report in the media, that’s for sure.

Emotional Mindfulness
You can also use a simple mindfulness practice to honor your emotions and gain greater clarity. Follow this process when you’re feeling upset:

  • Sit or lie down in a comfortable meditative position.
  • Call on your guides, angels, master or any divine being you identify with to come by your side and assist you in understanding and utilizing this pain for the greater good.
  • Ask yourself what you are feeling, and label the emotion. “I feel angry.”
  • Notice if you feel pain in a particular area of the body. This is where you are “holding” the negative energy in the body. Begin to breathe into this space.
  • Using your name, ask yourself what this is really about. “Nadine, what’s this really all about?” When you pose a question to yourself in such a direct manner, it seems to pull the answer to the surface: “I feel taken advantage of.” If you stay focused on the breath, even more information may arise: “That reminds me of my childhood, all my friends took advantage of me back then.”
  • Now ask yourself, “What has this emotion taught me?” Receive the response. Here was mine, for example: “It’s taught me that it’s time to stand my ground, and speak up for myself.”
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  • Let it go. Now that you have explored the emotion and gathered the information that you need, it’s time to let it go. You can do this by holding the Kespana Mudra (as pictured), for releasing negativity. Clasp your hands together, with index fingers touching flat on each other (point downward) at sacral chakra (below the navel). Cross the thumbs. Call on your angels and guides to aid you in this process. Affirm: “I fully release all negativity from my body, mind and soul. Pure healing energies flow into me now.” Take several deep, slow breaths. With each exhale, release all the drama and baggage. With each inhale, take in the pure loving energies of the divine. Duration: 2 minutes or more.
  • Take the necessary actions to remedy the situation that caused the problem in the first place. In my example above, I would talk with the individual who I felt was taking advantage and lovingly assert myself — knowing this might change our relationship, and trusting that it’s for the highest good of everyone involved.

Put Your Ego In Check
Life isn’t black or white, yet we still like to categorize all of our experiences as good or bad. Recognize that your interpretations of your experiences cause more pain than the actual experience itself. You can often heal yourself by simply choosing a new perspective.

Music Therapy
Music is one of the purest forms of expression on the planet. Musicians often reveal their deepest wounds to us in raw, unpolished form. As the listener, we find our pain mirrored in their songs. Their music offers us the opportunity to recognize and process our own wounds. I have healed many wounds through the power of music (repeat button here we come!), and I am forever grateful to the many artists who have offered such an effective form of therapy.

Energy Healing
We often consider asking for help as a sign of weakness, but truly, it is a sign of strength. Energy healing that is channeled by a heart-centered practitioner has infinite benefits. It speeds up the healing process, illuminates our circumstances and offers unparalleled comfort. I perform and receive energy healing treatments regularly; this is an act of self-love.

Facing our pain is no cake walk. But, when we gather our strength and courageously explore our painful emotions, we finally experience the profound transformations we have all been dreaming of.

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Nadine Dassier
Nadine Dassier is an innovative, heart-centered, visionary healer, teacher and speaker who is passionate about empowering and supporting others in their healing journey. Contact her at [email protected]. Visit


  1. Very encouraging and enlightening post you gave to the world here.
    This is a very unique insight and this is certainly of great help to me right now.
    May God and the kingdom of Heaven bless you with great peace and light, fellow lightworker.


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