Know You are Safe in the World


I have found myself amazed lately at how calm I am, and how serene I am — even with all this chaos going on in the world. My husband asks me what I think about when I think of the wars overseas, or even the riots and how far the police in the United States have gone.

Don’t get me wrong. I am totally affected by it, and many things on these topics come up on my newsfeed on Facebook.

What makes me feel calm is knowing that I am okay, that my family is okay, and the people who I love and care for are okay and safe, for now — considering that anything can happen and can change the route our futures are traveling in any given moment! That may sound selfish, but I have come to the realization that I can’t continuously be worried about what is going on in other parts of the world. Yes, traumatic events are happening to people everywhere, but I am only one person and this world is huge!

So I asked myself, how do I stay connected to the light in this dimension of distraction? I meditated on this a bit and I realized that I am needed here, and I need to focus on what is going in my own backyard. When there is a disheartening story that comes to me, it is because I need to be aware of it, and I need to learn to stay harmonized and balanced within myself to help others, because having a chaotic mind is of no use to others who are needing help.

I’ve also made lifestyle changes, by meditating, and eating as healthy as possible. If I am not healthy physically (and most importantly, mentally), how can I continue to have a strong connection with spirit? I have access to fresh fruits and vegetables that I promote health.

I also realized that music helps my inner child stay happy. When that child stays happy, it helps promote my overall balance in life.

What’s key is being clear in your intentions and what you want in your reality. Also, it’s important to know your life purpose. Each of us has an individual purpose, but we also have a global purpose. I have found myself pulled toward working with children and youth and becoming a counselor. I’ve spent too much time second guessing myself, but I have been shown that I am indeed on the right path.

Knowing all of this at the soul level helps us to stay connected to the light, because then we are following what we came here to do: to help one another. And everything, no matter how small, helps. Just a word, phrase or even a smile to someone can help someone turn their life around, make decisions they have been putting off, or simply feel better about themselves.

Help one another, follow your instincts, meditate, eat mindfully, and above all, continue to love yourself unconditionally. Be the change you want to see in the world. In turn, you can stay connected to the light in this chaotic time of distraction.

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