Life in the Light Lane


I used to drive fast, eat fast, move fast, talk fast, be fast. Okay, some days I’m still fast, but there’s also something that’s shifted along the way — my level of awareness, my ability to know when to slow down, and my ability to find clarity and contentment amidst static.

In a world that has become fixated on how fast and efficient we can be, I’m noticing more and more how slow I need (and want) to be in order to do my work in the world. As someone who does intuitive work for a living, it’s vital that I keep my mind, body, heart and spirit clear.


The static that comes from living in the city with noise pollution, telephone and electrical wires, smartphones, laptops, wi-fi, televisions — and any other gadget that emits EMFs that I forgot to mention — has me reeling sometimes. I can feel it in my body when I’ve had too much of the city. I don’t sleep well. I get irritable. I can’t focus. I feel off my game. I become filled with static.

However, when I’m out in a pasture with the horses — smelling the grass and dirt, watching a fly dart here and there, and feeling the weather on my skin — I can feel spirit moving through me with grace and ease. Static isn’t on my radar. When I drive through the bluffs in Wisconsin or walk by the Mississippi River, I can feel a giant eraser taking care of my monkey mind, and I’m instantly filled with love, joy and peace.

When I’m at home listening to Deva Premal or some other ethereal type of music, dancing with my sweetheart in the living room, sharing a nice meal on the deck (and watching the birds do the same at the feeder) I can easily bring myself back into the moment of bliss and release the static.

But what happens when the sirens go screaming down the block, or airplanes fly overhead, or someone’s car alarm goes off at 3 a.m.? Well, as long as I’ve been taking great care of myself with enough rest, a healthy diet, exercise, meditation and creating balance in my life, then nothing bugs me. When I’m not practicing my best self-care, I create my own inner static. That’s my work: Impeccable awareness and impeccable self-care.

What if it’s as simple as paying close attention to our own inner static, and then knowing how to turn the dials to get better reception? It’s quite an art to fine-tune our own dials to know when we have the clearest reception. It takes practice, awareness and perseverance. Remember the old TV test patterns that showed all those pretty colors in large vertical blocks, but then it’d blare an annoying tone at the same time? I remember feeling really confused when I saw and heard that. I think that’s what happens when we don’t take great care of ourselves — incongruence.

Staying connected means doing what it takes to stay clear in body, mind and spirit. Otherwise, we become the annoying static that makes all of the people, plants and animals around us go nuts.

So, here’s to creating a clear signal!

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Sage Lewis
Sage Lewis is the Creature Teacher with Dancing Porcupine and is a Certified Life Coach, Shamanic Practitioner, Animal Communicator, Intuitive/Medium, Wedding and Funeral Officiant, Animal Hospice Consultant and Level 3 Certified Tellington TTouch® Practitioner. Sage's passion is guiding all creatures to find and embrace their true essence, to live a fulfilling life of love, joy and passion, and to move through all of life's transitions with peace and grace.


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