Lightworkers’ Wisdom: It Is That Simple


I am committed to spending time every day focused on a particular spiritual project, or at least consciously connected in prayer or in dialogue with my guides. Sometimes the pressing nature of my external commitments doesn’t afford me the time to make these spiritual connections for a number of days. Or, I think, “I should have been able to fit those in anyway, but I was too exhausted and frittered my time away.” Then I feel guilty, and the guilt creates another resistance, an impediment to the love that provides both the glue and the bridge to my spiritual friends and co-workers.

Recently, a Lightwork project I have been working on required that I receive explicit and detailed visualization of another time and place, literally looking through another person’s eyes to see what he was seeing, like in an extremely vivid past life regression. The standard of detail and accuracy needed was greater than I have been able to achieve. So I wondered if I am good enough to continue work on the project.

I was both glad and fearful when I eventually had the opportunity to connect again.

Mother Mary explained to me, “Dear Jerome, we want and need you as a human to participate with us in these projects. These projects are especially for the benefit of humans. You, as a human, invite us to participate with you in working toward the betterment of all. We all work together without judgment of each other. If you were already perfect in fulfillment, you would not be representing present humanity, nor would we all be learning together what it means to be working together in a multidimensional team.

“This project is transformative for all of us, and our personal transformation is an inherent part of what we are doing. We are creating, so to speak, out of nothing, that is, out of ourselves. From our processes of transformation within each of the many dimensions that we represent, we create patterns. We break new ground. We make the rough ways smooth. Others will follow more easily.

“So you see, your imperfection is perfect. We each bring our present selves, and in working together, in love, faith and peace, we create that which we desire.”

“Then,” I asked, “if I overcome my inadequacies, the project can be more successful?” I felt the pressure continuing, keenly aware of the pattern of failures that has studded my life.

“Jerome,” she said, “you know it is love that brings us together. Feel the love that we share right now, in this moment. For you, this moment feels like a portion of a second, passing in a series of seconds, hours, days and years. For us, this love is all that there is. In this love there is no failure — not for you, not for us. The sequence you experience is a part of the whole in which we are all moving.

“We are not creating an external object that must play its part in the meshing of gears of a machine. Rather, we are creating a dynamic energy cluster, with intelligence, feeling, empathy and ability to change with changing conditions, all the while immersed in loving, harmonious, creative growth. And to create such patterns, we engage in such patterns ourselves.

“You can count on Lightwork to challenge you, but also to be joyous, creative, fulfilling and loving. Fear and judgment are simply distractions, and they are not part of the process. It is our delight to be working with you as you are. We are all simply one present expression of the perfection of the whole.

“Must you change in the course of this project? Yes. Must you become better? We are all perfect now, in our imperfection. That perfection continues, as well as our imperfection. It is love and oneness that complete us, our awareness of our own part in the beauty of the transcendent whole.

“You will change. We will change. We will enjoy every part of the process together, growing in love and unity. It is that simple.”

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