Limitless Light


Every body is a lamp. Some seem to glow with more intensity. Some definitely glow with more love. Others need help to keep their light burning.

How do we stay connected to the light? Each lamp, candle, lantern, sun and soul has an energy source.

Let’s see…. A lamp, we plug into a grid of alternating currents of life and share in a collective consciousness that flows through us all. There’s plenty of wattage to go around. Upgrades in our connectivity capabilities are readily available. A few minutes of meditation a day can go a long way to increase our personal body of knowledge and wisdom. It’s wonderful when a contemplative stillness allows our body of thought to sift through yesterday’s experiences and let them all find their importance in our larger life experience.

A candle’s soul is its wick. We wicks need a body of wax or maybe flesh and blood to allow our light to shine in this world. When our light has finished illumining the dark corners of the otherwise hard-to-see parts of our karmic journey, we are formless once again, retaining the lessons learned from our time within time.

Lanterns in my grandfather’s day were fueled by kerosene. Their light cast dancing shadows on his old tattered wallpaper in the silence of the backwoods. Two cast-iron, pot-bellied stoves were stoked in the late evening and quietly crackled as the lanterns watched three generations of my family say final prayers together in their light. If their cloth wicks were set too high, the flames would singe their upper edges and release an unpleasant odor. If they were set too low, the visual rewards of light were greatly diminished. The Tao of a lantern’s light was a gift from my Grandpa Ellsworth.

Our sun gives us life. That four-plus billion-year-old hydrogen/helium lantern is in middle age. It’s set to burn long enough and with enough fuel to give us enough time to figure out how it was lit. Our theologies, musings and meditations touch a part of the consciousness responsible for so grand a gift. We argue as children over the identity of God. As our collective knowledge and wisdom accumulate, arguments will dissipate in the eternal flame of love that ignites the life of our universe.

Soul is one agreed-upon word to attempt a definition of who we truly are. God is one agreed-upon word to attempt a definition of a consciousness big enough to set a universe in motion and let it shine. We are souls. We are the light in our bodies of mind, flesh and feeling. We burn through our karma as we set our lantern’s wick. We light the candles of others and receive light from others as we travel on our path. We share the ever-increasing wattage of an evolving consciousness with brave souls who open their hearts and minds to its light. We travel through time aided by each other’s light, catching a glimpse here and there of the limitless light of love.

Love’s limitless light
Fuel for growing universe
Let it nurture you

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