On the Brink: Maitreya Emerges


In the April 2014 issue of The Edge, the title of an article asked: If the Christ or Buddha returned today, would you recognize Him? In that article, you read about the return of the world’s Teacher for the Aquarian Age, Maitreya, and His group, the Masters of Wisdom.

The handprint of Maitreya manifested in 2001 on a mirror in Barcelona, Spain. By placing your hand over the photo, or simply looking at it, Maitreya's healing can be invoked.
The handprint of Maitreya manifested in 2001 on a mirror in Barcelona, Spain. By placing your hand over the photo, or simply looking at it, Maitreya’s healing can be invoked.
That Spiritual Hierarchy has guided humanity since our very beginning on this planet, and after having retreated from public life after the Atlantean crisis, they are once again taking Their places openly among us.

Maitreya announced His return, with His Group, in June 1945, at the end of World War II when the antichrist forces of gross materiality, channeled by Hitler and the Axis Powers were defeated by the Allies, backed by the Spiritual Hierarchy. Their process of emergence has been steady, but slow, so as not to disturb too much, yet afford humanity the opportunity to absorb the ideas, decide whether we are willing to follow Their lead, and remake the world through Love.

If we follow Maitreya’s lead, we will establish the truth of “the Kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:21). This path leads to the mighty realization that all of us are potentially divine brothers and sisters of one humanity, children of the One God. This fact will be proven by the new science offered by these Master Scientists. It will open new doors of higher awareness that will astonish us, but challenge many of our closely held beliefs. It will provide for new healing methods, the regeneration of body parts, and the defeat of many of our most serious diseases.

Maitreya has charged healing wells near the 240 cities in which He miraculously appeared to groups between 1988 and 2001. Since 2010, He has given the following interviews: USA: 29 interviews (January 2010-January 2011); Mexico: 14 (January-September 2011); Brazil: 41 (September 2011-January 2013); Russia: 51 (January 2013-May 2014); China: 6 (August 2014). A total of 141 interviews so far.

He appears as an ordinary man, for He wishes audiences to respond to His ideas rather than to His status.

Share International magazine’s monthly articles by a Master give us their broad perspective on world events. Those events and trends, along with our preparedness, affect the timing of Maitreya’s emergence. Most recent articles describe the vast effort to be undertaken by men and women after Declaration Day. We will gradually replace our gigantic cities with smaller ones. City architecture will be based on the power of shape, geometric shapes that attract energies affording development of beauty, knowledge and higher awareness. Travel will be at the speed of light, soundless and without fatigue. Free, unlimited energy will power all of our needs, eliminating pollution and promoting fresh air and healthy bodies.

These advances and more characterize humanity’s bright future, but first we must make a decision: learn to share resources among all people and build a brilliant new civilization based on sharing, justice and peace, or to continue in our competitive habits and hasten destruction of all life on Earth. Maitreya and those who work with Him put that choice before men and women everywhere. Events in the world present the details of that choice, and Maitreya observes our responses, respecting our free will.

But each of us should know the significance of this choice. Many don’t think their opinions matter. In this case, at least, everyone matters. This choice is critical, for it determines the future of humanity on this planet.

Maitreya calls all people of goodwill to act. Learn the facts. Alert the people. Join the ranks of those helping Maitreya in His mission to rescue and rehabilitate the world! It is the opportunity of all lives.

The September issue of Share International magazine Master’s Message ends with the following words: “The time is now almost upon us. Watch, and sleep not, nor miss His Call.”

Share International Midwest will be in exhibitor booth 33 at the 2014 Minneapolis Edge Life Holistic Expo, on November 1-2 at Earle Brown Heritage Center in Brooklyn Center. Mark Long will present a free workshop, “The Awakening of Humanity,” at 1 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 2, in Tack Room A at the expo. Visit Edgelife.net.

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  1. I assume the 141 interviews mentioned are TV ones. That’s a lot of interviews over 5 years. He must be the talk of the town. Not even Obama has had that many TV interviews in the same time. However I don’t recall any individual being on TV in the USA speaking about a bright future or solutions to today’s problems, especially 29 times. Must have been on a regional network or something.

  2. Thanks Shelia for that link. I’ve also been looking over the Share International website and videos, and it seems that the US interviews were on a “well known TV program on a major US network”, plus the interviews were about “30 minutes” each and all on the “same channel”. The first interview was seen by “up to 14 million people” including via the Internet. This is actually a very significant event. I’m an avid news and media watcher and I strongly believe in social justice and the importance of reducing the gap between the rich and poor. I also contribute to and read many progressives blogs relating to this issue. Never once in my wide circles have I come across any mention of any interview in the US that could have been Maitreya in incognito. Have you Shelia or Betsy actually seen them?

    I for one would have been buzzing with hope had I come across any of his TV interviews, as you don’t hear many progressive or spiritual voices on mainstream media. I would have shared my excitement far and wide. Having read the content of Share International’s messages it would seem that this is the purpose of the interviews – for people to discuss and share his ideas.I didn’t see this as happening – which is quite incredible if many millions of people have seen his interviews. Logically it doesn’t really stack up which is unfortunate as the world needs this message, a teacher like this to galvanize humanity into action calling for change. If it’s seems too good to be true, it probably is.

  3. Brad – Yes, I’ve seen Maitreya on a couple of occasions. This ongoing epic is so huge, with implications so profound, that it takes a while for one to get one’s “head around it”. Maitreya’s simple suggestion, that humanity live according to the principle of sharing resources, has challenged some very powerful economic concepts, and still is misunderstood by many. There has also been extreme religious pushback. Media’s embargo on this epic story is almost complete, so it is not really surprising that Maitreya’s ideas have not been restated for wider viewing.
    So, it has been up to Share International and “friends” to elucidate the important elements of His message. One of the most critical has been having enough people know this story and respond to Maitreya’s ideas and call for sharing resources, so that a critical mass may be reached. When enough people have heard, and responded, and are therefore open, He will appear publicly as Himself, and present His credentials. You can be sure that the volunteers of Share International are determined to continue against these crippling odds, to get this information out. Thanks for responding.

  4. If there actually were multiple interviews on major networks, then they would be finding their way to Youtube or elsewhere. It does not appear that they exist since nobody can provide a link or at least a video for sale. The tone of these articles is like 1985: he has given an interview on a major news network. In 1985 you might never know the truth, but now? You might say that his interviews have been deleted, but if Gregg Braden and the Hicks and other far-out people don’t have their interviews deleted, then its unlikely that an “ordinary” person’s would. Those who are tantalizing us with these promises need to record the events, and publish some DVDs if nothing else. Venues such as this one would be happy to publish the contact info. Meanwhile, I’ll continue working for peace, justice and sustainability, and not expect some Messiah to do it for me.

  5. When there is enough demand for Maitreya’s open presentation on Declaration Day, He will appear to everyone. Until then, human free will prevents any intervention…including His announcement of Who He really is. According to the Q&A in Share International magazine, the response to His interviews has been moderate and apparently not widely distributed. It is the world wide response to His message (sharing resources, justice, freedom, love) that reveals humanity’s choice..whether to learn to live together as True Men, sharing resources in peace. Millions have already chosen, but many millions have yet to even hear of the choice. The information and discussion needs to go viral, IMV in order to reach enough people.

    In the Spring, there will be many public presentations by the Share International volunteers in the US. They will all be listed in the Events section of share-international.us. They will tell the whole story, provide history and evidence.

    This is a huge effort. All people of good will, who work for justice and peace are needed.

  6. PtPeace: Understand your frustration. Although I don’t watch much television am told there are people speaking about sharing as the solution to today’s problems. I think the idea is catching on.

    It makes good sense that Maitreya would remain incognito until enough of humanity responds to His ideas of freedom, justice and sharing for all. Revealing His true nature beforehand would be a tremendous infringement on our free will.

    Keep up the good work towards peace, sustainability and justice!

  7. If Maitreya called attention to His true status and then presented His ideas, people would respond to His status and not consider His ideas. What would that mean? More of the same competitive warring from two opposite sides. This is not the usual emergence. Nothing will be imposed. A vast majority needs to be on board with the meaning of the Principle of Sharing, which is a global Principle, not a rehash of old ideologies forced on people with the threat of death!

  8. As it happens, vitally important information is regularly suppressed and/or marginalised in our world, and this has been true for decades. We can start with the visionary inventions of Nikola Tesla, all but left out of the technological progress of the 20th century. We can see something similar having occurred with the groundbreaking psychoanalytic and bio-energetic work of Wilhelm Reich. He died in prison, after the attempt to completely discredit him and his work. Many since his death have tried to pick where he left off, and now his work is considered extraordinary, one of the first views into the higher planes of matter–the etheric planes–which gives us a huge hint as to the make-up of the human being and of cosmos itself.

    The dramatic increase worldwide of UFO sightings in the past 20 years is still going vastly under-reported and lamely misprepresented by the mainstream media despite the huge number of eyewitness accounts pouring in from far and wide. Similarly, major street protests the world over–of which there have been more in the last 8 years than at any other time in recent history, including the 60s–are expediently glossed over and misrepresented. One news broadcast I heard estimated that there were about 20-30,000 protesters at last month’s global warming march in New York. The official count was 410,000!!

    My point is this. If the people and events mentioned above met with the resistance they did, then how much more suppression would a story as big and as potentially Earth-changing as the Reappearance Story tend to generate? The advent of Maitreya slams the door shut forever on the present status quo, and there are those who are very influential who want no part of that kind of change. I know for a fact that the BBC and CNN have known about Him for decades now. What have they done?

  9. Hi Marc. What suppression can there really be when major TV networks in USA, Brazil, Mexico, Russia and even China allow multiple and lengthy interviews to take place that challenge the status quo? Quite remarkable if the claims are true.

    You also make an interesting point about the UFO sightings. There are a huge number of eyewitness accounts pouring in far and wide – on all sorts of media platforms, yet there are no eyewitness accounts anywhere of a simple man sharing simple ideas on peace, sharing and justice, or stating that global warming is a serious threat and that its mainly due to man’s activity, or that nuclear power plants must be closed down. This isn’t suppression, it’s because there is nobody speaking about these things multiple times on major TV networks.

  10. Hi Brad. By “suppression”, I was speaking more about the history of the story over the past 20-30 years. Articles have gone unpublished, interviews have gone unseen, having not been broadcasted and on and on. I reiterate that CNN and the BBC have known about it for years and have essentially done nothing. That applies to other media sources as well. Yes, there are UFO sightings on many media platforms but it seems curious to me that major media outlets really downplay them still, and give voice to official “explanations” which seem to me ever increasingly curious and inept.

    So my overall comment was about the tendency of vested interests to go to great lengths to marginalise information that would be incredibly useful to the public at large. I will say frankly that, to my knowledge, I have not seen any of these interviews, but take on faith, because of my long involvement with the Reappearance story, that they are indeed occurring.

  11. And one last item, which I find pertinent. The US, especially, is a country where many are steeped in more or less fundamentalist Christian beliefs. They are often quite insistent and vocal about the “historical validity” of their fear-based misreadings and misinterpretations of the Bible, which tend to perpetuate the myth of Christian exceptionalism.One Biblical injunction says something like “Lo, many will come before you claiming they are the Christ. Believe them not.” I find it interesting that this is precisely what Maitreya is *not* doing.

  12. I myself have seen Maitreya before I ever heard the name. So I came across one of Benjamin Cremes books and could not put it down, then I went to Benjamin,s lecture in NY. And so I Believe that Maitreya is in the world threw personal experiences , and I got involved in spreading the word.

  13. The books and online resources are there for anyone to use in research. Maitreya’s “second phase” of emergence has been very interesting given the widespread protests going on in countries all over the world. He is gradually spreading His Love energy across the world. Am watching the process with great interest.


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