Staying connected to the Lght in a Distracted World


The title question is rooted in misconception, because asking how to stay connected implies the possibility of a disconnection. We are much more than just connected to the light; we are created with, immersed and part of the fabric of the light.

So it might be better to ask: “How can I become and stay aware of my true relationship with the light in a distracted world?”

While our fear may prompt us to accept the existence of any distance from our source, the very fear itself and the distance it seems to create is only made possible by what appears to be the absence of our source. The distance or darkness is not a reality, as Einstein said: “Darkness is the absence of light.”

The light is our reality; only through our lack of awareness are there any shadows, darkness or feelings of distance. If you can accept your true being, that you are created from and are an eternal fraction of the light, then you can take comfort and ease yourself from any fear of disconnecting. Fear is only possible in the absence of your awareness of the light and the feeling of distance is only possible by denying you are part of the light itself.

So, while we may live a life with distractions, whether or not they delay us from being attentive to our awareness, no matter how much elapses between our moments of awareness, neither the distraction nor any time elapsed has any power in creating any distance from the light. Creating a distance is not possible and knowing we can’t be disconnected alleviates any fear of such.

Whether we are ignorant to the light’s presence or through our own conscious choice choose to ignore or deny the light’s existence, it doesn’t remove its presence from our life.

Creating a habit of recognizing the light in a show of gratitude every morning will enlighten your day. By doing so, you’ll find that your awareness of the light becomes more evident and more likely to be within your thoughts throughout the day — even during a time of distraction.

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Salvatore Tardio
Salvatore Tardio is a retired entrepreneur in the construction and retail industries with 30-plus years of searching for a better understanding of humanity's relationship with our higher source.


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