Staying on Track with the Light while moving through Fear, depression


with *Spirit of Light* Crystalline Stellar Skulls through Crysta

It is not only timely, but very important to address this complex subject. Moving through to a state of joy and inner peace from what can be a crippling, depleting and often paralyzing state of being can seem downright impossible to some who have spiraled into such a deep hole.

Fear and depression do seem to go hand in hand, and I can find it as the cause of most disease and dysfunction, creating separation from self, family and True Source. Since the Sacred Stellar Skulls have come at this time to serve and assist those who want help, I have asked one of them to give us their insights and tools.

This is not a time to be numbed and dumbed down any longer by the psychotropic drugs that are at an epidemic proportion. It is a time to turn and look into the fear — right to the core, so it can be understood, unwound, cleared and brought into the light.

I asked *Spirit of Light* — a Crystalline Stellar Skull with a seventh dimensional glyph of the same name — to address fear and depression, since she has been such a grand healer in the Skull Tribe:
Skull: What I have found is that fear itself is a very dark energy and smothers a person, not only their lungs but also their pituitary. It closes in on itself and the spirit even feels smothered.

Then comes the depression and sometimes shortness of breath, or fear of even moving. This state of stagnation again compounds the symptoms, however they may manifest. It can even be shingles, rashes, flare ups, sensitivities to food and asthma may kick in. Any part of the body receiving a fear message makes one jumpy and on edge — not in the flow of love and light and connectedness.

The electromagnetic system of an individual also is interrupted. This flow of security, nourishment and protection around an individual is then upset and opened, ready to receive other attacks. Attacks can be on one’s Self, or the infiltration of germs or virus into the individual, which can then be fed further by the attack of this fear energy. This weakness continues, proliferates and weakens an individual further.

How can one move forward and out of this fear energy?
Skull: We use a healing system much like A FLOW OF LIQUID LOVE TO SOOTHE THE GLANDS. This is truly universal love and we keep a special potion from the beginning of time to nourish one’s past, present and future — soothing out the timelines so you can readjust and recalibrate your being.

That sounds wonderful! How do you go about this?
Skull: Call me in by my name while looking at my picture. We apply this to the glands and chakra centers to balance them, as well. We bring in the Divine Spirit and the Heart-of-the-Earth, to once again reconnect your vital organs, mind, etheric body and your heart, all in such a way that you feel filled up again! You feel complete and solid with borders intact!

Here are the keys:

  • Stay in a state of love and light.
  • Be reassuring to yourself that you are so connected to others at this basic heart level.
  • Think of positive sensations and visions that bring joy to you.
  • Stay in that heartfelt place and center your feelings there — notice how it lights up each and every cell. You can then notice a smile coming over you face.
  • Breathe this smile inwards and then let it expand outwards as a big “Thank you!” to the Universe. It is an easier practice than one may think!
  • Stay in this level of appreciation and joy with your breath and centering your heart in this sacred space.

What about the energies people need to move through?
Skull: I do like to call myself “The Remover of Negativity,” and bring forth the essential elements you need. If you are prone to illness, there may be something in your past you have chosen not to peer into. Let us go there together in a very safe place and look at this. We want to dissolve and rewrite any contracts you may have written, and bring back any part of your being that may have been stolen or attacked, so you can replenish yourself on an etheric level and allow the complete healing process to begin.


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