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As humans, we experience a spectrum of pain that is physical, emotional and psychological in nature. This disconnected state, when we view pain as an obstacle to overcome, breeds disease and sickness in the body and mind. As most health practitioners know, over time you slowly become a physical manifestation of your emotional pain, or an emotional representation of your physical pain. The two work together, as does the ability to change the current state of pain you are experiencing.

Typically, we are trained to change what is happening outside of ourselves to create a more optimal habitat to foster positive responses in the body and mind. This will work in many cases, but there is always a returning to the undesirable state, as most of you have experienced. It is an ebbing and flowing in the world of yin and yang and black or white. The shoulder aches, the marriage doesn’t work, but then you fall in love again, or improve your health and the wave of emotion crests in happiness, only to slip into dissatisfaction later on. We continually work to change things in a way our egos think would make us feel better.

Growth opportunity
There is always struggle when we live this way, and quite literally, we are experiencing hell from this perspective. This is actually a gift meant to shake us through perceived misfortune to question and investigate awakening. The undesired state then moves through you very quickly and you come out with a brighter light than before the disturbance.

So, in the disturbance you find greater opportunity for growth and eventually recognize that you are always in a complete state. What you experience as incompleteness is only an idea of what you think it means to be complete on an outer level. Whatever current health state you are in is complete, because it is a fact that the experience of it is happening. So, in essence, you are only complete when you accept your perceived incompleteness.

I have noticed recently that many of us have been experiencing amplified sensitivities, and issues are becoming louder and more frequent to really push us into the truth of our divine nature, which is the core of the heart, not the messages or beliefs that the mind tells us we are. One day the mind says you are doing great, the next you are stressed or down. This is simply the breaking down of the ego structure. This should be embraced fully to move forward with greater clarity.

This means you realize that the only thing that can break is the illusion, and the illusion is based on thoughts you have concerning your situation. When you break through that illusion, you have then “turned water into wine.”

Break down
We can compare the ego, or illusionary sense of self, to an old car breaking down. It starts to make louder noises, the parts begin to fall apart, and the dysfunction of the car’s system is now driving the driver crazy — but the driver has a choice in how he or she handles the car.

If the driver simply takes time to pull over and accept what is happening to the car, and then takes action, he or she will be moving forward with greater ease. The problem is dealt with and the problem is no longer a problem, rather an opportunity to go with the flow: perhaps fixing the car, or getting a new car. You are then taking awakened action.

If the driver doesn’t pull over and relax, the car may break down in the middle of the freeway or crash, creating a more undesirable situation. Even at this point, as drivers we can still choose to accept the current situation and fully embrace what is happening to the car, thus moving forward more effectively.

Greater obstacles will manifest if the driver does not recognize that complaining or stressing about the malfunction will only increase suffering. Note: if there is stress or worry, that state needs to be accepted, too. By accepted, it means we do not create a layer of stress over stress, which adds more layers of ego. We simply feed grace into the current state of the moment by recognizing that the driver is not the broken car and realizing that the broken car has now caused the driver to suffer.

Then, we are aware that we have temporarily merged with the car, identifying ourselves as the broken mess or ego. We have become the car. When we see this, we can clearly see how ridiculous this is.

A smoother ride
As drivers or co-creators, we tend to move toward what we think or feel is the best direction to go, creating our own interpretation of what we perceive through a limited mind. In this state, we are driving in search of a destination and in a state of non-presence.

Drive to your destination, but be awake and aware that you are driving and feel the energy of the experience itself. See the other drivers around you as extensions of that same energy. This awareness leads to a smoother ride with synchronistic and flowing travels.

The limitlessness mind is not one that strives to be limitless, but comprehends the limitations of that state of strife. When you have understood fully that you are always connected, then you are only expanding outward and inspired writing, art work, music, science, math, healing or acts of service service can be accomplished through you. You are realized as the universe. Then all that is left for you to do is feel abundant joy by realizing the creation of your unique vessel. Allow any disharmony or pain to melt into the strong core of unconditioned consciousness, which is the master peace of the masterpiece.

It is always there with you as life itself, vibrating in every cell of your body. It is just life, that’s all. That single simple miracle runs through us all. It is a fact. We are life.

If you are Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim or whatever, the label is merely an idea that we have created out of the brain. While it may be based on facts in our history, it’s still an idea of a structured system in which we abide. If used correctly, these can be beautiful systems, but remember this: Before the idea of religion, we were just life, a combined collective of humanity breathing life.

Beneath all the ideas, we are one creation called life. This is the new way to experience God directly and to drive home into the love of the universe.


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