BioGeometry, The Shape of Things to Come


Recently a couple of friends were visiting my family and spent the night at our home. In the morning, they commented on how restful they slept and that they hadn’t felt so rejuvenated in a long time. They went on to say that, with modern-day electromagnetic radiation, connecting with our spiritual being is becoming more and more difficult, and a good night’s sleep can do wonders toward repairing that connection.

They instinctively asked us, “Did you do something to your home that may have had an effect on our ability to have a peaceful sleep?”

We replied “Yes, the entire home is balanced with BioGeometry.”

The gift of sleep
A good night’s sleep is a precious commodity. The gift of sleep helps us reconnect with our inner life on the spiritual planes, giving us dream images that can help us in all aspects of our life. A restful night recharges and heals our physical body and restores clarity to our minds. This kind of sleep is hard to come by in our modern world, which has become increasingly over-saturated by electromagnetic fields, also known as electro-smog. The frequencies coming from cell-phone towers, home Wi-Fi, satellites and the smart meter grid, to name a few, are thousands of times stronger than our body’s own electrical system.

Many of us are finding it harder each year to clear our minds and find the inner peace that we so desperately need. This ever-increasing fog of detrimental energies — or electro-smog — is invisible to the human eye, but nonetheless, it surrounds us each day. It creates a major barrier to our healing, spiritual protection and sanctuary in our own homes.

There is, however, a solution so revolutionary that, even after people hear about it, they rarely grasp how it can actually change their lives. The solution is BioGeometry and its application to our homes and bodies cleans up the smog in our energetic surroundings so that there is plenty of room for the beneficial and spiritual to come pouring in.

The Doorman
Dr. Karim, the developer and founder of BioGeometry, calls himself simply a doorman. He is a holder of the way in for all that is energetically beneficial, allowing for a restful sleep, a calm heart, a spiritual awakening, or a focused mind within the chaos of the detrimental energy qualities constantly surrounding us. Dr. Karim does not claim to be the source of the amazing changes I have seen in multitudes of people, only the one who has discovered that “shape” can hold that door open for this opportunity.

Dr. Karim is able to identify and classify a full spectrum of energy qualities and has developed shapes and methods that we can now use to pinpoint highly beneficial natural energies that are healing, uplifting, and supportive to all living systems. He has also demystified the harmful detrimental energies from man-made sources and geopathic stress by lifting the veil of invisibility that hinders us from seeing how a lack of sleep, strange rashes, inability to stay focused, and so on, are all actually symptoms of these detrimental influences.

And with 40 years of research supporting his discoveries, BioGeometry is not something to pass by.

The shape of things to come
Simplistically stated, BioGeometry is the science of how shape can transform energy. And although this simple statement seems unimaginable in practice, this science has completely changed every aspect of my life. It is these beneficial shapes that Dr. Karim has developed that have corrected my digestion, complemented my sleep patterns and cleared many of my emotional blocks to healing and peace of mind.

If our society is so committed to a wireless technological future, then we will also have to be equally committed to accepting BioGeometry into our lives to hold open that door to clarity.

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Carrigan Curtis
Carrigan Curtis is the owner of a Residential Home Design/Build Company and a Practitioner of BioGeometry at Healing By Design, Inc. She presents workshops on the science of BioGeometry to help others find their way out of the smog that detrimental energies create around us each day. Learn more about BioGeometry and EMF protection at


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