Creating Sacred Intimacy in a Multitasking World: Challenging and Fun

Note: Jerry and Carol have been married for 26 years

Jerry: We have a multidimensional nature of many levels represented by our seven chakras. We have competing needs at the different levels. This complicates determining who we are and what we want. We multitask in an attempt to balance or fit in our competing needs.

Carol: How do we maintain our individuality and continue to build sacred intimacy as a couple? We each have diverse, sometimes incompatible, needs. I am strong in my First Root Chakra. I stress making money and pay the bills in our household. Jerry, you are strongest in your Seventh Crown Chakra, so you push meeting our spiritual purpose.

Jerry: By recognizing that we are multidimensional beings, we can continually seek to balance the competing needs within ourselves, while recognizing and accepting possible competing needs in the other person. We are stronger and more balanced together with our different strengths and weaknesses.

Carol: My Fifth Throat Chakra is very active. I talk a lot to develop ideas and create new ones. I treasure your awesome listening skills, Jerry!

Jerry: My Fourth Heart Chakra is open. It helps me be an empathic listener. However, I have more of an internal orientation than you do, Carol. I have a strong need for a big portion of the stimuli in my life to come from my own internal process: my own levels, plus additional interdimensional contacts.

Carol: I’m the opposite — an extrovert who seeks lots of social contact. My creativity thrives on constant outward stimulation.

Jerry: I’m stronger in my Second Chakra. So I tend to emphasize the sexual aspect of our coupleship.

Carol: That’s true. I love cuddling. However, I have a lot less passion for sexual climax than I did when I was younger.

Jerry: When we take turns using spiritual energies to heal each other (sometimes on our healing table), we feel multidimensional sacred intimacy: sexual energy, emotional bonding, and spiritual oneness with the Divine.

Carol: We heal each other of our past traumas and our physical ailments. At the same time we create strong emotional and spiritual oneness. Invariably we hug and kiss at the end of a healing session. And we both sleep very well that night.

Jerry: One of the things that unites us is that we both have a strong spiritual focus for our lives. We are very vulnerable with each other sharing our personal experiences or weaknesses and fears. For instance, to tell someone else about when I’ve had a very personal contact with God, other people might just say I am being crazy or egocentric. I can trust that you will not judge or reject me for telling you.

Carol: Because we are older and semi-retired, we can express our spirituality without the pressures of career building and child raising. We are free to spend a lot of time talking things over when we wake up in the morning.

Jerry & Carol: Other things that bring us together: We set a goal of six kisses a day and say “I love you” often and mean it. This forces us to make contact and show appreciation for the other. We try never to leave the other without a goodbye kiss. We take turns reading books out loud while cooking or cleaning. We watch movies together. We babysit and play with our grandkids. We attend spiritual services, classes, discussion groups, and workshops and participate in a Synergy Group Meditation.

Jerry: We get along best when we recognize our differences as advantages, and avoid trying to change the other person to be just like us.



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