In Memorial: Dr. Masaru Emoto (1943-2014)


Dr. Masaru Emoto, who gained worldwide acclaim through his groundbreaking research and discovery that water is deeply connected to our individual and collective consciousness, became ill in Shanghai, China, while on a speaking engagement tour. He was in critical condition for several weeks before he was declared stable enough to be air transported back home to a Tokyo hospital. He passed at 12:50 a.m. on October 17, 2014, with his wife Kazuko at his side. His last word was “Arigato” (“Thank you” in Japanese). He used to say, “Life is love, which is a gift from God and parents, and death is gratitude for going to a new dimension.”

Dr. Masaru Emoto
Dr. Masaru Emote (1943-2014)
In his various books, the first of which was published in 1999, Dr. Emoto introduced the novel idea that water not only reflects the physical world around it (as when we use a placid lake or pond as a mirror), but it also reflects the consciousness of the beings surrounding it.

The experiment he used to discover this included bottles filled with water. Each bottle was placed under either a positive or a negative influence. For example, some bottles of water were wrapped with written notes, with the writing facing inside the bottle that said, “Thank you.” This was done in various languages. No matter what language was used, the water in these bottles, when frozen, created complete crystals that were lovely to behold. Water over which a priest prayed, with love and gratitude, created the same type of crystals. Conversely, unpleasant, incomplete and malformed crystals were created in water exposed to people saying or writing, “You fool,” or other negative expressions.

By exposing water to a particular word or piece of music, freezing it, and photographing the ice crystals formed, Dr. Emoto demonstrated that from beautiful words and music come beautiful crystals, and from mean-spirited, negative words come malformed and misshapen crystals. What is the significance? It becomes clear when we remember that the adult human body is approximately 70 percent water and infant bodies are about 90 percent water. We can be hurt emotionally and the water inside of us is changed for the worse by negativity. However, we are always closer to beauty when surrounded by positive thoughts, words, intentions and ultimately those vibrations.

Masaru Emoto was born in Yokohama, Japan, on July, 22 1943. He was a graduate of the Yokohama Municipal University’s department of humanities and sciences, with a focus on International Relations. In 1986, he established the IHM Corporation in Tokyo. In October 1992, he received certification from the Open International University as a Doctor of Alternative Medicine. Subsequently, he was introduced to the concept of microcluster water and Magnetic Resonance Analysis technology. The quest thus began to discover the mystery of water. He undertook extensive research of water around the planet, not so much as a scientific researcher, but more from the perspective of an original thinker. At length, he realized that it was in the frozen crystal form that water showed us its true nature.

Dr. Emoto was the author of the best-selling books Messages from Water, The Hidden Messages in Water, The True Power of Water and Love Thyself. He also authored two children’s books, The Secret of Water for the children of the world, and The Message from Water children’s version. He was a long-time advocate for peace in relation to water. He was the head of I.H.M. General Research Institute and President Emeritus of the International Water for Life Foundation, a Not-for-Profit Organization. His work was presented in the movie What the Bleep Do We know!? and also Water the Mystery, produced in Russia in 2006.

The Wikipedia listing for Dr. Emoto indicates that his work was widely considered to be pseudoscience. Biochemist and Director of Microscopy at University College Cork William Reville wrote, “It is very unlikely that there is any reality behind Emoto’s claims.” Reville noted the lack of scientific publication and pointed out that anyone who could demonstrate such a phenomenon would become immediately famous and probably wealthy.

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