In Memoriam: Dolores Cannon (1931-2014)


Dolores Cannon, a past-life regressionist and hypnotherapist who specialized in the recovery and cataloging of “Lost Knowledge,” died on Saturday, Oct. 18, following a recent injury. Her career as a hypnotherapist spanned almost 50 years, and she spent three decades investigating and writing about concepts ranging from life and death, reincarnation, the origins of humanity, UFOs and extraterrestrials, the prophesies of Nostradamus and a wide variety of other topics.

Dolores Cannon (1931-2014)
Dolores Cannon (1931-2014)
Dolores Cannon was born in St. Louis, Mo., in 1931 where she lived and grew up with her family until completing her academic studies in 1947. She married her husband Johnny in 1951, a career U.S. Naval man with whom she spent the next 21 years travelling all over the world to accommodate his various overseas assignments. She raised her family as a typical navy wife throughout the 1950s and 1960s until 1968 when several major events ultimately changed the course of her life forever.

As a result of injuries sustained by her husband in a motorcycle accident and being confined to a wheelchair, Dolores and Johnny relocated to the hills of Arkansas. Once her children had grown and left home to start their own lives, Dolores decided to begin consistently practicing hypnosis again with clients in the late 1970s. Although she lived in a small country town with a very small population, she was able to successfully attract a diverse range of clients due to her desire to take on any case, regardless of the circumstances.

Her early work was heavily focused on reincarnation, which got her acquainted and comfortable with the concept of time travel. Many of her early clients described scenes from past lives where they had lived in past decades, past centuries and even past millennia in a variety of social settings in different locations all over the Earth. She would then spend weeks researching the characteristics of life in the locations and time periods her clients had described living in to verify the authenticity of the results she was recording. It was through this vigorous verification process that Dolores ensured the authenticity of her results.

Having conducted sessions with thousands of clients, recording the same results time and time again and spending vast amounts of time and energy verifying the authenticity of her clients” past lives, Dolores was able to decisively conclude that her results were indeed genuine and that she had tapped into an incredibly powerful source of information. After many years of practice and investigation, Dolores eventually realized that the memories of past lives and the additional information she was receiving through clients was being supplied by a much larger, more powerful and more knowledgeable portion of her clients’ selves, which their conscious minds were completely unaware existed.

After developing and refining her technique over many years, replacing time-consuming and tedious induction methods with an approach that involves the use of voice, imagery and visualization, Dolores established her technique of Quantum Healing Hypnosis. This technique enables direct contact and communication with the Subconscious of any individual for answers to any questions and can also provide the basis for instant healing.

Due to the sparse but slowly growing interest in reincarnation in the 1970s and early 1980s as well as the unwillingness of established book publishers to embrace this emerging field, it took Dolores more than nine years to get her first book published after almost a decade of research, writing and patience. She set up her own publishing company, Ozark Mountain Publishing, in 1992 which now publishes more than 50 authors on four continents. Dolores’ books have been translated into more than twenty languages.

Throughout the mid to late 1980s, Dolores work slowly began taking her in a completely new direction of exploration. She was introduced to the area of UFO and ET investigation in 1985 when she attended her first annual meeting for Mutual UFO Network, one of the largest and most respected investigative UFO organizations in the world. One year later, Dolores” interests took her to the United Kingdom where she conducted on-site studies of suspected UFO landings and investigated numerous crop circles found in the English countryside. Her book The Custodians (1998) signified a groundbreaking publication for Dolores after more than 20 years regressing clients with ET and UFO experiences.

Dolores began to realize that the information she was receiving was becoming too broad and diverse to categorize into one, or even several, specific areas. As she has had to adapt to change her entire career, she decided to publish her new work in a series entitled The Convoluted Universe. Dolores published four such volumes and stated that these books are for those people who want their minds bent like a pretzel.

In The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth (2011), Dolores describes the call that went out for volunteers to help the Earth as a result of the atomic bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. The first wave of volunteers that came were the “way showers” and certainly had the most challenging time as they plowed the route those who came after would follow. The second wave act as antennas of energy, their job is to simply exist and affect those around them. Third wave volunteers, many of the children with incredible talents, abilities and memories, are literally the gift to the world. They possess the knowledge and wisdom that will help humanity complete the transition and overcome the many obstacles that lie ahead.

Dolores toured across the USA, England, Europe, the former Soviet countries, Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Asia to promote her work, and to discuss her particular brand of psychic research. She has spoken to radio and television audiences worldwide. She has given lectures at such locations as: Whole Life Expos in Los Angeles, New York and San Diego; Global Science Congress; various A.R.E. Edgar Cayce Foundations; Conscious Living Expo and MBS Expo in Australia; The College of Psychic Studies in London, England; The Theosophical Society in London, England; as well as many other organizations. Dolores was the first American and the first foreigner to receive the “Orpheus Award” in Bulgaria, for the highest advancement in the research of psychic phenomenon.

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  1. This question is for Cathy who wrote the article….How does this in memoriam exist????? Dolores Cannon, in 2017, according to Wikipedia, YouTube AND Google is ALIVE. Can you please explain this?

  2. Amazing gifted light worker…
    Just listened to her for first time, understood everything she said and explains some of this body/minds experiences..

  3. Are there teachers in Arkansas that we’re taught by Delores Cannon? If so, please give their name & phone number!!

  4. I have only discovered Delores Cannon and her work very recently and I am watching everything I can find recorded by her. I am sorry I didn’t get the opportunity to meet such an extraordinary good woman. The world definitely needs more like her. Love and blessings to you all.

  5. I am both sad & happy – sad that she had gone before I could ask some questions but happy her work is done, I’m sure she has moved on to the next level & I look forward to meeting her “out there” when my time comes – thank you Dolores

  6. I am very happy I came upon Delores’ work; on my journey of Ascension, I ask Source/ God to help me understand the TRUTH of ourselves & of our world. I’m very grateful for the wonderful Truth Revealer that Delores Campbell has been for us.
    I’m ever so grateful for Delores’ publishing company & her daughter Julia to continue providing us with her mother’s work.

    Thank you dear Delores, you too are our Way Shower ?❤️

  7. I have always believed our lives are preordained. When I lost my oldest son to cancer 25 years ago I wanted to know why and why are we here! I found Dolores after my curiosity for more knowledge was peaked after reading Your Soul’s Plan. I especially found Life After Death comforting and it explained a lot of what I had always believed. Hopefully someday there will be more people like Dolores to help us all. ♥️

  8. I have recently discovered Dolores too and have been watching videos on u tube and have ordered done of her books. I have just finished the 1st Nostradamus book and had the strangest feeling that they both knew I was reading it. What an amazing lady. Would have loved to have met her in this timeline.

  9. Surely, Dolores Cannon was hypnotized by another, revealing her own personal past life memories and knowledge. Maybe her daughter could include it in her biography of her Mother.

  10. Wondering about the comment that Delores died in 2014, and was supposedly alive in 2017.
    Also, in her death memoriam it says her husband was in a motorcycle accident.
    This is not true…


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