A Pleiadian Message: Opening of the Heart


day-wideBeloved ones, we greet you! As you have moved into to the New Year, veils have lifted and your planet Earth has begun a rapid transformation.

For the very first time in the history of planet Earth, there are a series of illumination waves flowing onto your planet carrying a specific pure frequency of light, of love, designed to accelerate your awakening. This transformational energy is designed to realign you through your heart. This energy works through the heart’s energetic field and anchors through the cells of your heart, creating a dimensional opening for you to re-access a doorway to your natural state of being.

This dimensional opening of the heart will give you the ability to re-access sacred alliances that are a part of your destiny, a destiny of your heart, which carries the light frequency for you of coming home, fulfilling a sacred promise to you.

Your heart’s desire

Pleiadian symbol
Reflection on this Pleiadian symbol supports your personal transformation.
Reconnection to these sacred alliances is part of your heart’s desire and can be likened to opening like a flower to the sun. You know how naturally a flower opens to the sun, expanding its petals outwards, fully receiving the light. The sun, being your own unique divine light of your higher self, is re-anchoring through the cells of your heart.

This is what you must do now — no holding back. Just let go and receive this natural blessing that is being given to you within the sacred energies carried to you within these illumination waves.

This illumination frequency will allow you a natural reconnection to Truth, clarity and knowledge, bringing you into an understanding and clarity of your own destiny right now in your life. It is the time to claim what is rightfully yours!

This new life force energy carried within the Illumination waves creates this acceleration within you for your awakening. It is important that you begin to consciously open into this energetic flow that is being created through the action of these illumination waves.

Your sacred process
You are going to be able to work consciously with this energy in a simple form.

Hold your heart with the palms of your hands. Bring your awareness to the pressure, warmth of your hand on your heart space. Now take a “life force” breath, like a soft wind, and place your breath into that space you are holding and let go.

Then bring this sacred sound, INDAH, into the space and let go. Know that your unique frequency of this sound, INDAH, will begin to align you to the light frequency held within the illumination waves. Each time you use this sound you will be aligned deeper into this expanded light frequency held within the waves.

This is your sacred process that has been given to you for this time. Know we hold you as you, through conscious choice, work within the illuminated light.

Intense emotions
There is an accelerated dynamic that will be played out within this energetic flow which will create a changing element, an essence to unfold within the dimensional setting on your Earth plane. This energetic will result in a magnification of the human drama on a third-dimensional level. This means that there will be an intensification of emotion coming up within you, which is created from the illumination light that is coming into your body. The denser emotions in the body will begin to vibrate and rise within you. These are emotions that you have not been able to process or deal with in the past that will begin to surface.

This process is part of a sacred design, to move you into a process of looking inward — so that you begin to understand the vulnerabilities of your humanness, holding yourself with love and compassion. Now is the time to begin to honor your unique human qualities — all of them, the vulnerable parts of your self and all of your idiosyncrasies.

Now is the time for you to hold your self with love and compassion for all that you have been through in this lifetime as a human being, accepting all parts of your self. Now is the time to move into a place of self-acceptance. This is your next step, looking within. This is an important aspect of your enlightenment process, to move into a place of self-acceptance, self-love.

Remember: as a human being you are “perfectly imperfect.” It’s important that you move step by step, moment by moment, holding your self with acceptance just for one moment at a time. As you move into moments of self-acceptance, every cell in your body transforms, carrying that self love energy within. Each moment you hold your self in this way, your whole body can transform/self-heal.

It is essential with this level of transformational light coming onto your planet that you “let go” of any holding on to your past. You can utilize these waves of energy by just letting go and surfing the waves of illumination that are coming onto your planet. Allow yourself to be carried effortlessly into the multi-dimensional light source connections. When you do this, you are like a magnet realigning to your natural light source flow.

In this New Year. you have begun to go through a rapid transformation through the physical cells of your body and through your energetic field. Embracing your cellular change is essential at this time — by bringing your awareness into the cells of your body and using your “life force” breath, like a wind, into your cells. You move naturally into a further acceleration of your awakening.

You do need to let go of the need to understand. Your “need to understand” holds you back in your awakening process. Your human “need to understand” is controlled by the ego mind. So let go into “not knowing” and just hold your heart space, being with what is right in front of you in this moment of time.

Breathe and just Be. Let go and just Be. Hold this precious moment and feel you, feel your heart.

Waves of light
This is just the beginning of your magical times here on the Earth plane. Know you can expect these waves of transformational illumination light to continue throughout January 2015, moving you to your next step by bringing a continued expanded dimensional frequency of love to you, to your Earth plane.

Hold your heart and feel the truth of what we say within the cells of your heart. You can trust your heart and your ongoing commitment to self. Your intention for your self needs to be a continued letting go of illusions, while moving into trusting each moment that opens up to you. Nothing else matters, because in reality, nothing else exists but this moment in time.

We the Pleiadians are with you. We work in alignment with the Angels, Light Beings, Masters and Galactic community. We are playing our part, as part of a universal team to support you in your transition.

You are not alone. Each one of you can reach out with your conscious awareness and call the help forward. Part of your destiny right now is to work step by step with sacred alliances so that you can move forward successfully in your mission on planet earth now.

We await your call! Blessings, The Pleiadians

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


  1. Hi Christina. I am a black African woman from south Africa who out of no where happened to be very curious about the pleaidians. I have had an unpleasant life mostly I am to blame but I ended up being diagnosed with depression. I am not on medication but to cut to the chase the only thing that has brought me peace is knowing about the pleaidians. I have this need to fully participate in something that can continue to bring me peace and to teach other pole out there who are afraid to go to church that there is another way that teaches us to be one with god and everyone around so that we can create harmony so that we can be ready when our world moves into the next dimension.


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