Rock ‘N’ Roll Soul: Benefit Drumming for Frank Anthony



Frank Anthony
Frank Anthony

Friends of Frank Anthony and Lake Harriet Spiritual Community (LHSC) are invited to a benefit drumming to support efforts to provide healing to Anthony, who has been battling chronic obstructive pulmonary disease since October in a Florida hospital. Anthony was musical director for LHSC for a number of years, until he moved to Florida and continued to support services there led by the Rev. Marshall Wright.

“Rock ‘N’ Roll Soul: Benefit Drumming for Frank Anthony” will take place at 6 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 10, at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, 4401 Upton Ave. S., Minneapolis.

Frank was admitted to a hospital on October 18, and he is still struggling through the healing process while breathing with support of a ventilator, being fed through a feeding tube, sporadically obtaining blood transfusions to fight off blood infections, working on gaining his fine motor skills back after being sedated for nearly three weeks, as well as trying to mentally comprehend what he is physically going through.

“When awake and with it,” Rev. Wright says, “Frank is excited to know people are thinking of him (especially through music) and he’s very anxious to get the hell out of there!

Donations of any kind are welcomed to help support Anthony and his daughters through the financial burdens of this journey. Those who will not be able to make it to the Benefit drumming and but want to donate can go to the GoFundMe account at

Drum-as-OneThe Sani Drum
The Sani drum will be returned for the LHSC event. Frank Anthony was caretaker of the Sani drum for the many years it was housed at the spiritual community, until Frank moved to Florida. All are welcome to come and experience this drum under the dome, while at the same time supporting Frank both energetically and financially.

The drum, originally named Kabu Iyecen Sani, meaning “Drum as One,” was created over a six-month period in 1991 by Embryo GREX, a 12-member spiritual community under the auspices of The HEALthySELF Foundation, facilitated by their heart shepherd Marshall Wright. The drum has 13 facets displaying the personal totem of each GREX member around its circumference. Each part of the drum comes from a white pine tree logged in the Big Sandy Lake area of Northern Minnesota. Sani’s skin is a buffalo hide.

Joyning In
At 6 p.m. Central on Saturday, January 10, simply log on to: This is a free site, so expect a 30-second advertisement to begin with and then the occasional pop-up during the event. After about 20 minutes of drumming, Frank’s oldest daughter, Dana, is going to do some interviews with a friend while the drumming continues in the background.

Playing with Us in Person
The benefit event will start promptly at 6 p.m. due to Frank’s limited visiting hours in the hospital — and because it will be 2 a.m. for most of our European Beamers. LHSC is located at 44th and Upton Avenue South in Linden Hills on the west side of Lake Harriet in South Minneapolis [MAP]. More info is available in The Edge article:

Donations for Frank
Donations can be made by logging into:

Read about the love that inspired this effort, by Rev. Marshall Wright, at


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