Eagle and the Condor Ceremony attracts hundreds in St. Paul



Dancers, top, and drummers took part in the Eagle & the Condor Ceremony in St. Paul.
Dancers, top, and drummers took part in the Eagle & the Condor Ceremony in St. Paul. Photos: by Michelle (Shelly) Rogers

More than 250 people gathered on December 6 to participate in a daylong ceremony that honored the coming together of the Eagle and the Condor, an ancient prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor that arose from many indigenous cultures of the Americas.

The prophecy said humanity would split into two paths: the Eagle, representing the mind, the industrial revolution and the masculine; and the Condor, representing the heart, intuition and the feminine. The prophecy said the 1490s would usher in a 500-year period in which the Eagle would become so powerful that it would drive out the Condor, and that is represented in the conquering of the Americas by foreign immigrants and the oppression of the indigenous people.

The prophecy continued by saying the next 500-year period would begin following the end of the long-count of the Mayan Calendar — December 21, 2012 — when we would see the Condor and the Eagle come together and fly in the same sky, creating a higher level of consciousness for humanity. Cultures around the world say the Earth is undergoing an intentional evolution of consciousness at this time.

The following are statements provided by leaders and participants in the ceremony on the meaning of the event:

Jorge Luis Delgado, an Andes Shaman from Peru, Quero Yatiri Heritage Keeper, author of Andean Awakening: an Inca Guide to Mystical Peru — “Taripaypacha: It is the name for this new cycle, which means “Meeting Time.” It also can be interpreted as the time of encounter with oneself, and time of meeting with complementary (like minded), with brothers from all directions.

“This feeling and vibration of a complementary unit was experienced in the event. The ceremonies with their protocol gave luster to the presence of the spirit of the condor and the eagle, bringing subtle energies that do not only occur at this time, but activate the spiral of energy that is expanding into a dream of a new world based on the life essence of love, service and wisdom.

Jorge Luis Delgado and Cedric Red Feather

“In the event we vibrated with the words, ceremonial acts and dances that complete the celebration of life and understanding that we are ONE, and we all bring a different contribution to the evolution of life. The recall and ceremony of the Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor strengthens the soul of hope that the ancestors are here. We are protagonists of myth and reality; we are the dancers of the Muyuki, the circle of Infinite Consciousness. We have all felt the blessing of Pacha and the Light of the Cosmic Father, as well as the Light of the Cosmic Mother, since the Eagle and the Condor are their authentic messengers of this New Light on this New Dawn.”

Cedric Red Feather, a Turtle Priest of the Mandan Tribe of North Dakota, a Purple Heart combat-wounded Vietnam veteran, an Okipa Maker, member of the Blackmouth Soldier Society and Red Feather Society and author of Mandan Dreams — “Having people from the Ghost Dance at the Eagle and the Condor ceremony meant the most to me. Many of these people were with me for the 2011 Okipa, 11:11:11, 2013 Canopy of Stars, 2014 Ghost Dance, and now, the 2014 Eagle Condor Ceremonies. That has more meaning than anything else. They traveled from Illinois, Missouri and Stillwater to be a part of this.

“The Eagle Condor Prophecy pertains to many indigenous peoples of the Americas, from north to south, passed on through medicine people and shamans with some variations but basically the same essence. After 500 years, it’s fulfilled. The Eagle Condor is one of 14 Prophecies of the Nueta (Mandan) people. As Mandan Turtle Priests, we know the origins of where we came. Fulfillment of the Prophecies is what the weekend meant to me.

“Personally, I was not interested in entertaining or making money. I am not a performer. This is the first ceremony I’ve done with publicity. The other ceremonies mentioned above we did without publicity. This event was different. It was necessary to do the Eagle Condor in public because it involves many indigenous people. Mary Laven with the Wind over Fire Healing Center did a great job of producing the event, because it brought people together as a bridge.

“I have a select few people I like to work with, and they are people who have no judgments, and who do not criticize other people. We’re not here to change people. I’m really grateful for Lizi Hammond, whose Spirit Name is First Pretty Woman. She was so energized in preparing for the ceremony and gathering her regalia. I’m grateful to Janet Red Feather for contributing the Eagle Songs. Janet invited a student of hers, Trista Wyatt, who is Lakota, who experienced her first chance to have a role in a ceremony of this nature.

“I’m grateful to have spent some time with Jorge the evening before at supper. Lini Wilkins made awesome Indian tacos for Jorge, me and our participants. It goes with traditional people that when they have a ceremony, they always feed the people they’ve invited. I don’t know if she was aware of that, but that was a good thing that she fed the people.’

Gina Miranda Kingsley, a Mayan Time Keeper, an expert on the Mayan Calendar whose family origin were the Mayans in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala — “One of the main principles taught by the ancient Mayan philosophy is that life is a never-ending journey of understanding and learning, of reconnecting to our origin and an everlasting quest for enlightenment. Using this as a basis to recap, the event on December 6 was a step in the right direction. According to the Mayan calendar, I already had been warned of some important happening on that date. So when Mary Laven contacted me before that, and disclosed the date she had chosen, I knew it was going to be something special.

“In Mayan calendar account, the new era of enlightenment already began in 2013 and we now navigated the second year of the new era. In a few years we will be at the threshold of the “next sun.” Many of us can already feel these changes. Jose Arguelles wrote of the prophecy that at the beginning of the new era, the southern and northern hemispheres will meet each other; the spirit of the Eagle/Condor Prophecy Awakening implies this encounter.

“It was no coincidence that a few months ago the Aztec dance group Huitzilin contacted me for spiritual guidance. And, without Mary Laven knowing this, she asked me if I knew an Aztec ceremonial dance group (these harmonies of synchronization still surprise me at times). So, I spoke to the Group counsel and encouraged them to participate. It was the first time this group appeared in public, and their ceremonial dances were outstanding!

“My granddaughters participated in my ceremony and are a mix of Inca and Mayan blood, and they were born in Minnesota. That for me is the energetic vortex that connects all elements of the material and spiritual worlds at the moment.

“The event was a symbolic encounter remarking the connection that already has been in the works. The spirituality shared from many points of origin was expressed; the meeting of colleagues like Cedric Red Feather and Jorge Delgado was unforgettable. I hope we can collaborate in the future in the quest for divinity. My hopes are that Wind over Fire will continue to elevate the flame of understanding, peace and spiritual enlightenment for all people that keep searching for the light.

“Thanks to the organizer, participants and audience, may the spark from the event ignite significant changes for us all, changes that eventually will bring us to change the future of humanity and the planet.”

Susan Langston, part of the group that performed the Mapuche healing ceremony called the Machitun — “The Mapuche are the indigenous people of southern Chile. I, along with many others in the Twin Cities, were taught and trained by Chilean Medicine woman, Luzclara. She was initiated into these traditions by Mapuche women who were shamans, called Machis. These Machis gave permission for the traditions and this specific ceremony to be shared with others outside of their community.

“The Machitun conducted at the Eagle and Condor event was very powerful. With close to 150 participants receiving the healing, it was the largest Machitun ever performed in the Midwest. During this ceremony, specific drums called kultrungs are used in varying drumbeats to summon the healing spirits. Rattles are also used to sweep negative energies from those being healed.

“I think one of the reasons this Machitun was so powerful was because the energy had been building all day through various ceremonies of gratitude and honoring. There was a spiritual charge that filled the room and everyone in it. In honoring the prophesy of Eagle and Condor Medicine coming together, the Spirits blessed the recipients with healing. It was an honor to be asked to join this event and coordinate the Machitun.”

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