Living from the Heart: Tips for Daily Use

zia-wideLife has become too fast and rapid. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and years keep on moving at a constant pace. Life is meant to be lived with an open and warm heart. What we humans do instead at times is live without heart and passion.

If living from the heart is not done, then days just pass by like an empty floating boat, aimless and without cheers. Every single one of us deserves to be living from the heart — and for that let’s explore some tips that can be used on a daily basis to spend more colorful days of life while learning to live from the heart.

At the most basic level, the foremost tip is to smile. Yes, say cheese in your heart and decorate a smile on your lips — and your smile will be more glowing if you do it from the heart. Don’t just put a smile on your face, but do it with a sensational glimpse from your heart.

This can be regarded as a fundamental aid to your life. Even if it’s a lonely weekend at home with your pet around, just be yourself, feel free and smile while you play with your pet. Smiling is the biggest gateway for actually living from the heart. No matter how hectic your weekday is at work, don’t forget to take some seconds out to breathe relaxingly and pass a smile to your colleague — and at the same time promote a soft atmosphere in the grind of work.

Another sensational tip for daily use — to automatically trigger a wave of living from the heart — is to think about soothing memories from the past. No matter how old we get, our past successes and vital memories can continue to help to cheer up our heart. Remember the last time you talked to your best friend on the phone? Think about the times you spent with your loved one. Take some moments from your routine to send a text message to your loved ones to let them know you are thinking about them.

Such memories and recalling special people in your life always spark your heart — and yes, with that you start living from the heart.

Go for a walk in a park whenever you have some free time. It allows you to be surrounded by nature — and don’t forget to smell the flowers! Observe the little, colorful creatures here and there. How beautiful the birds are flying by, as well as the colorful butterflies. Nature is such a gift . Being immersed in it allows your soul to be nourished and your heart will feel the joy. A frequent touch with nature helps you live from the heart, and nature is a wonderful companion.

Another key is to help your community. Doing so, helps your heart gain immense satisfaction. Helping others gives you inner peace, and you will feel good. Living from the heart is not just about making yourself happy; offering someone a helping hand can make your world seem brighter. Look and you will find those who need some help. If you see someone sad or crying, the least you could do is give them a warm hug and assure them that everything will be fine.

Before going to bed, look at the moon and stars shinning in the dark night from your window. Feel the peace and harmony. Think of the day you have experienced and be thankful for all your blessings, no matter how tiny they are. Practice this daily and you will start living from the heart.

It is your choice to make your day the best it can be so you can experience peace and inner satisfaction. Look for the beauty in the world around you, for it can cast magic on you and inspire you to live from the heart. Start living your moments with brightness and never-ending joy.



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