Living from Your Heart Space

moore-wideIt has been my experience that my heart energy continues to expand even though I think I can never experience anything grander. It always surprises me in the best possible way.

I have learned how to encourage my heart awareness using a variety of techniques that I intend to share with you.

First, I connect with Angels and Masters for additional assistance in achieving my goal. Then I clearly define my Intention and take steps to place my Attention on it as frequently as possible. This is when Action is necessary to complete the process.

Here is a process to consider:

  • Connect — Connect with angels and guides that are familiar to you and ask them to assist you in opening your heart. I really like to call upon the feminine Masters, although not exclusively, for this task. I generally call in Quan Yin, Mother Mary, Lady Nada and any of the saints and sages of the ages who would have a particular interest in this project.
  • Intention — Then I ask to let go of any unresolved issues. This may mean you need to pursue some forgiveness or simply accept others and yourself in this moment. This allows me to set my intention to open my heart to accepting myself and others.
  • Attention — I then place my attention as often as possible on what I am attempting to bring into my awareness. So often during the day I can get caught up in other things, but I have put things in place to remind myself as I move along to focus on my Intention. Upon awakening, I preview my day and note where I might be able to further my intention. I put a card on the mirror or in my shoe or on the dashboard of my car to remind me. I wear a ring on a finger that is unaccustomed to one or put a ribbon or rubber band on my wrist. I change my password for the month or keep a checklist for every time I remember what I am focusing on until I have the pattern established. When I am at home, I set a timer and see if I am still in my Heart Space when it goes off. At night, I review all the times I was able to stay in the space I desired.
  • Action — To live from my Heart Space, I take a deep breath and focus on opening my heart. As I exhale I send that energy out wherever I am or I send it remotely to those people or situations I am thinking about.

You get the idea. Pick one or two strategies that feel comfortable to you and fit your lifestyle. Gradually expand on them and customize them for yourself. Eventually this will run as a background program so that you can comfortably move through your day while sending out Heart-based energy whenever you connect with anyone or think of them.



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