Rhythm Dance – The Voice of the Heart


lynn-wideWhat is that little tug, the subtle or not so subtle voice from within?
Some call it intuition, some call them divine messages, some call it sensibility —
I suppose It really doesn’t matter what you call it…just call it in.

Acknowledge your knowing
We are our own worst enemy when it comes to listening and taking our own advice. Ironically, we are the ones who know our self better than anyone — but far too often, we question or dismiss what the heart is telling us. If we can just get past the ego/mind (that is always to the contrary) and stop second-guessing the “right thing,” then Life flows.

It is a matter of trust
At the very core of our being is the heart center. It drives us, keeps us alive and guides the wheel of emotion. We all understand this — and yet it is quite a phenomenon. It is a brilliant source of love and energy, wisdom and grace, so how dare we (you and I) not trust what we feel and know. Enter the ego — the part of the psyche that is afraid we just might be wrong. We have to gather our senses and get over it. (I have found more often than not, “wrong” happened the moment I went against my heart.) The words we hear and the feelings we have, “the knowing,” is always right-on, but we sabotage it, manipulate it and then we create problems. If we just listen, listen well, everything crystallizes; and as we begin to hear more clearly…our confidence will grow. It is a process of daily practice.

Ridding out the toxicity
In practice, we get better at receiving and you will notice new clarity. There is little or no interest in the dirt (the drama) and it will simply die out. (Drama is the poison that blocks the passage to the heart and makes it difficult to hear.) Getting rid of the mental/physical garbage allows purer thoughts to permeate. The heart makes more room for the things your soul needs by holding vigil for deeper compassion and understanding. Your body feels lighter, because it is. Long and short of it: your health depends on your heart. Keep it clean.

Make your own music
The rhythm of our nature is the sustainable beat of our knowing. It is the universal song and we are a part of it. When the heart is singing we are unstoppable. You know what it feels like, the staccato sound of everyday living, a quiet melody that serenades us to sleep. Our internal song and the heart is leading the way. We all have this amazing beat unique to us and this energy is connected to everything. If that doesn’t inspire, I don’t know what will.
* This is a good place to insert a little thank you.

Emotion is different than being emotional
Lastly, it is important to befriend our emotion (get to know it well), and the heart is the direct connection. Remember, it doesn’t have the capacity to dwell in emotional spaces (as I said earlier… there just isn’t room.) We must honor our feelings when they rise, but we don’t have to react in them. Don’t get it twisted. Living from the heart is utilizing the power it holds for surrender, serenity and peace — not reacting to the ego/pride, or ego-driven emotional outbursts that some will argue as passion. Simply put, it isn’t.

Our heart is the mainstay, the fire within, the machine that pumps our lifeblood and controls our everything. Honor it, heed the voice and when you get the call, it is a good idea to answer. There is always something to glean (good, bad or indifferent), and learning to trust what we hear naturally seeps into our daily life for betterment.

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Debbie Lynn
Debbie Lynn is an artist, writer and owner on Facebook of 360 degrees of inspiration (full circle) and twisted 360. She is a dancer, a yogi, a mother, a grandmother...a lover of the arts, a patron of life, exploring every opportunity given. Contact her at 503.989.7913 or email [email protected].


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