A Conversation on Ascension with Jeannie Hamm


Jeannie Hamm, of Ascension Spirit, teaches her students ways to navigate life more effortlessly and joyfully, in the midst of all of the vast changes taking place within themselves and around the planet. Her path, like that of many spiritual teachers, was realized in response to personal challenges in life.

Jeannie Hamm
Jeannie Hamm
“I started a meditative practice in my teens,” she said in an interview with The Edge, “and in my twenties I had an Indian guru and did a variety of different kinds of things. I had a major health challenge in my late twenties and thirties, and that led me to alternative medicine, which opened up an amazing number of avenues for me to explore understanding. My illness was an Epstein-Barr chronic fatigue condition that I had for seven years, and I came to understand it as an energetic outgrowth of some emotional issues that I needed to deal with. So I began exploring the Barbara Brennan school and other hands-on healing techniques and alternative therapies.

“I just decided at a certain point to stop monkeying around and really get busy with what I feel I came here to do, which was to raise my consciousness level to the highest possible level that I could achieve. I did that for two reasons: for my own personal growth, and because it contributes to the collective. Everybody’s consciousness contributes to the collective, so when you do it for yourself, you do it for the Collective. Personal growth is 100 percent service to others.”

Her principle question is: “How can we connect with Source, navigate each day with ease and grace and experience a joyful, integrated life?” Jeannie’s response relates to making conscious choices in this moment, followed by course corrections as you move along in your journey.

“It’s the choices that you make every moment that determine your path,” she said. “People ask me, ‘Is there fate or is there free will?’ You pick your fate. You pick it every moment.”

Jeannie Hamm spoke with The Edge about ascension, the path each one of us has chosen as the planet and all of her beings are vibrating increasingly at higher levels.

How do you define Ascension?
Jeannie Hamm: Ascension, for me, is simply the raising of all of our bodies — our physical body, our emotional body, our mental body and our spiritual body — to a higher level of consciousness and multi-dimensional awareness.

Do many people know what ascension means?
JH: I definitely think the number of people who are aware of it is expanding. Energies are shifting and more people are waking up to some of these ideas. Ascension might be a term that people raised in a traditional Christian atmosphere would think is particular to Jesus of Nazareth, but actually, more people are beginning to realize that we all have the capability to ascend and that it is an ongoing process. It’s a continual journey. I define it rather broadly as leveling up. I have a lot of kids who play video games.

Oh, moving up different levels!
JH: Yes, and we are all doing it, but some of us are doing it consciously. Those of us who are doing it consciously are making it easier and easier for the collective to do it, as well.

How does ascension work for the average person?
JH: The energies on the planet are changing and we’re all being brought along with those new energies and with those changes. Consciously choosing to ascend and consciously working on ascension simply means that you’re choosing to shift with more ease and grace. Everybody is going to shift. That’s not even a question. I believe there’s going to be a lot of shakeout as a result of the changes that we see in the world, through economic, social and political conflicts. As an individual, you can choose to navigate these changes in a more flowing and easy manner.

Does somebody need to do anything to be a part of this process or is it happening naturally to everyone?
JH: It is happening naturally to everyone, but you can always accelerate your growth. I do believe there are some practices and techniques that make that simpler for people, and certainly I have dedicated my life to that. I also believe there is a large contingent of the collective who will simply be drawn along. The leaders, the healers and the teachers will open doors, and a portion of the collective will simply walk through the door and they’ll never know that it was open. That’s all good. We all have our roles to play.

Is this a case of making conscious choices during this process by choosing higher levels or ways of being, such as living in compassion and living more from the heart?
JH: Absolutely. I would say that is the key part of the process. I think coming from the heart and accessing emotions such as compassion are the key. We’ve all been indoctrinated through our culture, through our parents, and even through our very well meaning elders and teachers, to have some limited beliefs and some limited belief structures. The key is to go into the heart and open yourself as widely as you can to the feelings of compassion.

There are some tools that can help you when the inevitable wobbles appear and you get thrown off balance. When problems occur in our lives, they actually are all growth opportunities and learning opportunities that are presenting themselves to you as a way to transcend whatever issue is coming up for you to look at. The key is to come from the heart.

Your path involves the practice of Mastering Alchemy. What is that and how does it relate to the ascension process?
JH: I have been with many different teachers on many different paths starting from when I was a teenager. I’m in my late fifties now, so I’ve experienced a lot of things and I’ve gone in a lot of different directions. Every single one of them has added to my knowledge of how I work, how the Universe works, how the Universe and I intersect, what my role is, and how I experience myself in that role.

Mastering Alchemy was a very key component for me, simply because it broke down the process of ascension into discreet and finite steps, little benchmarks, where it was very clear to me how the journey would be for me. It appealed to the left brain, rational mind, part of me, because I still had a large stake in that world. I also have an intuitive, right brain side, as everyone does. This particular pathway for me was very useful in helping to integrate those two parts of myself, which is extremely important in integrating all of these energies.

Alchemy, which may be unfamiliar to some, is simply the process of transforming one possibility into another. Mastering Alchemy is a way to interface with the third- and fourth-dimensional world that we live in, because it has a rational explanation and it also helped move me along the path to the more intuitive higher states of consciousness, which are only experiential. So, it was a bridge.

How did Mastering Alchemy lead to what you’re currently doing with your personal business? Is it the full part of what you teach, or do you teach a lot of other components?
JH: That’s a great question because I’m in the process of restating what I do. I still teach Mastering Alchemy level I, which I think is amazing material — a very broad and yet comprehensive, practical way to dip your toe into the water if you’re starting to explore these ideas. I love teaching the course. It’s probably my favorite thing to do. But I also do other things, as well, and I am redesigning my website to reflect that.

I’m designing a course called “Structure in the Universe,” which looks at sacred geometry in its outward expression, both in nature and in man’s creation, and reflection on some of the Divine geometric templates that also surround the physical body. It explores the relationship between humankind and the universe, in nature and in our creations.

I will be offering my Mastering Alchemy course at the end of May, and I will also be offering my Structuring the Universe course sometime in the spring.

By reflecting on manmade geometric design and the universal in nature, it helps propel us forward by recognizing the connection?
JH: It does. Exactly. You have an innate sense of proportion. Some people have tapped into it more than others, but we all have it to live in harmony with our environment. It’s important to recognize these templates and attempt to keep yourself in balance through your environment by what we create and what we choose to live in. Nature is the ultimate template in our physical world of these geometric forms, and we realize how wonderful we feel out in nature. Perhaps you ask yourself, “Well, why is that?” It’s because it resonates with a higher harmonic, and we can duplicate that, as well.

What is your message to those who are struggling in the third dimension and long for ascension or the ideas that you are talking about?
JH: My first message is to relax and trust that you are here at the perfect time, that this is a soul-chosen moment for you. We’ve all chosen to be here at this particular time when the Earth is ascending and we’re ascending with it. It’s a wonderful time to be alive and to be here and to be part of the process. So you have chosen this and it’s all good. Be in gratitude for the fact that you’re having this marvelous opportunity, and understand that any problems that look like obstacles in your path are simply growth opportunities that you have called in.

What’s the best way to respond to those growth opportunities at the time?
JH: What I do first of all is get centered in my body. I find the center of my head, which is the command center, what some people who are a little bit more advanced may know as the pineal center. Then I connect that command center to my sacred heart, so I have the heart and mind connection. And through a variety of tools, I align myself so that I can see all of these outside influences in my life as Shakespeare’s theater, outside of my field. I can observe what’s taking place, and it’s something I can respond to, but I don’t need to bring it into my direct energy field, into my aura, into my physical, emotional, mental or spiritual bodies. I see it as something that is connected to me, but it’s not something I have to merge with.

Or identify yourself with?
JH: Right. It is happening and I’m observing it and I can choose to be in that energy if it’s acceptable to me or I have the opportunity to just observe it and let it pass by. It’s a response rather than a reaction. So, what I would say is to be in the now moment. When you’re in a third dimensional consciousness, you experience time differently from when you’re in a fourth- or fifth-dimensional consciousness.

The third-dimensional consciousness is a linear time construct — past, present and future, but really there is hardly any present. There is usually a reactionary present time moment where you’re drawing from your fears or your experiences in the past and you’re putting them out in front of you, in terms of fear or worry or anxiety. You are really being governed by the past or anxiety about the future.

In a fourth-dimensional present time moment, everything is the now. Something is happening and you observe from the now. It doesn’t matter what happened in the past. It doesn’t matter what’s going to happen in the future. What are you going to do about it right now? That’s where you make decisions that generally lead to happiness and well-being — and you’re not creating another problem that you’re going to have to deal with down the road, because you’re going to be centered, you’re going to be coming from love, you’re going to be coming from compassion, you’re going to be coming from well-being, not threatened by survival or fear.

The fifth-dimensional time construct is simultaneous time where you create in the moment. A lot of people are moving toward that. It can be attained by anyone on Earth. The key is consistency, which is created by “keeping your attention on your intention.” As souls, we are all going to get there eventually. The Earth is transitioning from a third-dimensional consciousness, through a fourth-dimensional consciousness, to a fifth-dimensional consciousness, and she is taking her life forms with her. That is what is so exciting about our time.

What do you recommend in terms of daily tools to undergo this process?
JH: I think one of the most important things to do, and I do it every morning when I get up, is I reestablish my grounding cord, which is an energetic cord from the tip of my spine to the center of the Earth. That keeps me grounded and it also allows discordant energies that might come my way through events or from others to be siphoned off and sent down into the Earth where they can be transformed and transmuted. Even though you can establish your grounding cord in the morning, if you happen to get knocked out of your space, it just takes a second to reconnect it and it can bring you right into that now moment if you’re in the middle of a conflict or a difficult conversation. If you’re grounded and connected and in the now moment, you’re going to make choices that are the best for ease and grace. I also think a meditative practice is very centering and very balancing and always a good way to go.

What is the key to fulfillment in this lifetime?
JH: Experiencing the oneness of all that is is the most gratifying thing for me. It’s experiencing the unity of life — connection with others, connection with nature, connection with other galaxies, connection with Source. It’s really all about connection.

Learn more about Jeannie Hamm by visiting Ascensionspirit.com, and contact her by calling 612.867.5408 or emailing [email protected].

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  1. Hi Jeannie,
    Just visited your website, but we chatted at the Psychic Symposium at some length. I work for Edge Magazine but also gave you my website for the “naturalizer” or the Air Restore product. Hope you checked it out. Really a distinct pleasure and honor to have met you. I have re-read your Edge article and would like to manifest the money for your fee to attend your May event. Would love to hear from you when you have a free moment. Peace and love to you.


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