A Pleiadian Message: Your Conscious Choice accelerates Awakening


Beloved ones we greet you! The illumination energy that has entered your planet since the New Year continues to unfold, bringing to each one of you an expanded opportunity to move forward another step in reaccessing sacred aspects of your own pure source connection within your heart space.

Your conscious choice connection within your heart space accelerates your awakening. Each time you consciously choose to connect into your heart, a higher dimensional path is forged to your higher self. The wheel turns as you move forward, reconnecting to your power, reclaiming the truth of your own sacred nature as you move to your next level of opening that is created within your heart center.

Remember that you are having a human experience on this earth plane. Each one of you has said “yes” to being here, to play your part within this transformational time on the planet. You, each one of you, play an important individual and collective role in the unfolding of the destiny on your planet. Part of your destiny is to open up now within your sacred heart, making full use of the energetic openings being created by this illumination energy.

This energy carries the sacred design of a multi-dimensional light consciousness to assist you in birthing and reconnecting you to your own unique sacred nature. It gives you access to a remembering of who you are in your sacred form and what you have come to achieve at this time on your earth plane.

Fluid Light Flow

Reflection on this Pleiadian symbol supports your personal transformation.
Through this love frequency of light from the Illumination waves emerges a quickening of a fluid light flow. This frequency flow brings to you more easily opportunities to access and create change within you than ever before. In the past, you have been held in place by the strength of the 3rd dimensional illusion; however, with this new fluidity in place there has been a dimensional shift. This shift allows each one of you to be able to disentangle your selves from the old belief systems, old patterns of thought and a loosening of the illusion of which you have seen your self to be. This is definitely a time of many new possibilities opening up for you, a time of self liberation as you open to utilize these light frequencies within the Illumination waves.

These waves, this flow, had a built-in momentum throughout January and now in February opens further doorways/opportunities for you — enabling you to take a further step dimensionally so that your connection within your sacred heart space moves you into a higher frequency of home. This is the time to begin an accelerated letting go of all 3rd dimensional density. Past experiences that you are holding onto create blocks within you and keep you in a cycle of self-sabotage, holding you back from receiving what you need in your life now for your next step. This holding on to the past keeps you in a separated state from you connecting to a higher level Self. It’s as though you have been weighed down, not able to move out from under this heaviness and be free. The Illumination waves bring a release of these blocks so that you can access and reconnect to your own sacred flow.

It is essential at this time for those of you on this conscious path to allow this sacred reconnection. There is an urgency, a calling for each one of you to take a next step into this flowing frequency of love. What is this flow that is contained within these Illumination waves? This flow is simply an aspect of your own light, your own frequency of divine light waiting to assist you in your life now.

Access information, guidance
As you open into your flow of consciousness, you are able to begin to access information, guidance and clarity within your own life. This access enables you to work directly with the higher aspect of your Self, moving you into a new “sense of being.” You move into a place of trust through your reconnection to your pure source energy. This energy carries the highest integrity of your own light source that is held within your sacred heart. It moves you into a direct experience, a place of ‘knowing’ and aligning you within each moment. Within the moment, there is no longer a need to analyze with the ego mind but simply just to be, resting in the natural state of being.

Your heart can then naturally open further energetically, like a receiving station, allowing you to move into what we call a state of receivership. This means that you will begin to experience new doors opening up to you on many different levels for you to simply step through and receive what it is you need in your life now. As this happens, there can then be a partnership re-accessed within you. There can develop a conscious connection between your own higher self and your human part so you can be divinely guided by your own higher self, and the human aspect is supported in your life. This is the plan. This is what you have said yes to!

Each one of you is here to live your own sacred design. Whether you are aware of this or not makes little difference within your process. You see, as a human being your human ego is not in control. The good news is that your ego mind cannot ultimately interfere with your destiny path, because the ego is limited by a 3rd dimensional illusionary perspective. As you align deeper to your heart, your higher self is able to guide you to where you need to be and what you need to be doing in each moment as part of your destiny.

So it is important to understand the two parts of you that exist, your human aspect and your pure source higher self. The plan is that eventually the human aspect, which is “perfectly imperfect,” will begin to experience the support of your higher self. As your human aspect opens to the truth that you are not alone, there will be a bridge that begins to build between your human self and the pure source energy of your higher self.

Remember that you have come to have a human experience on this earth plane, and it is an essential part of your enlightenment process that you continue to have the human experience — even as you awaken. The most important step for you as a human being is self-acceptance. Accept the fact that you are imperfect and that all your mistakes have provided a series of experiences to learn and grow on this earth plane. It is necessary for you to be willing to understand your growth around your mistakes and just let them go. Know that they have served their purpose. Let go of the guilt, shame and self-condemnation for all that you have done or have not done. Know that you have done the very best you could in each moment of time.

Another significant aspect that keeps you in a state of separation is the human trait of the “need to be right.” Explore within your self how this “need to be right” controls many of your experiences. See how it breaks down your spontaneity in the moment and breaks down your experience of joy. See how that “need to be right” controls your every experience. Let go and just give yourself permission not to be right, to simply not know. Feel how liberating it is to open up to just not knowing, by saying, “I don’t know!”

Door to your heart
Through self-acceptance comes self-love, and the very essence of self-love opens the door to your heart. In one moment of allowing self-acceptance, every cell in your body transforms. Within that moment your cells begin a rejuvenation process as they take in the self-loving energy. Every time you can embrace this moment of truth of self-acceptance, that bridge between your human self and higher self can expand to another level. This is your path. Self-acceptance is your way home through your heart and remember, you do not have to do it perfectly! Each moment is accumulative.

As you open into a moment of self-acceptance, you may feel a vulnerability within you. This vulnerability is a direct result of your heart space transforming, expanding energetically as you are re-aligned to a sacred flow opening deeper within your heart center. As your heart transforms, there can be an experience of feeling isolated, feeling alone within this experience. Know that as you step out into new realms within your self, there are always moments of feeling alone or of being different. This is to be expected; it is a natural experience. You will find that this experience of being alone does not last. It is a necessary energetic shift that takes place within you as you begin to align to another road, to link to higher aspects of awareness within your self.

It is important as this transitional movement takes place within you that you do not pull back, but instead, trust and let go — forging forward within your vulnerability, reaching in deeper towards your new experience. You will have moments when you will connect and experience new levels of truth within your self. There will be internal revelations taking place, such as understandings and clarity around current situations in your life, what your next step should be and a deeper appreciation revealed about your self, glimpsing the depth of your own pure source flow. Ultimately, you will come into a new experience of being interconnected to a network of consciousness. You will be in the home space of your heart.

Changing patterns
This love frequency flow within the illumination waves is now creating changing patterns of consciousness throughout your planet, altering conscious thought patterns within you that have kept you in a separated state from Truth. This has held you in this place of separation for lifetimes. Now these waves have a purpose: aligning you to this Truth and moving you naturally beyond the 3rd dimensional illusion of these limitations of experiencing lack, struggle, fear, feeling insignificant and believing yourself to be small.

This movement is created by the natural flow created by the Illumination waves. These waves bring you back into an alignment to the natural rhythm held within your own God Consciousness state — and they are designed to ultimately bring all of you back into an alignment to the collective universal God Consciousness state. Know this is a step-by-step process, one step at a time taken consciously by you.

Know as you progress through February that you will need to further develop your natural alliance with your heart space. The Illumination waves are designed to push you, moving you back into where you naturally belong.

It is the time for your planet to go through this transformational change, and it is now your time to make this reconnection within your heart. You are going to find that it will be very supportive for you to have a stable connection through your heart center during this next phase of change that is unfolding as you move through the coming months of 2015.

Now is the time to move forward into another perspective of reality, of truth. You will not be able to hold on to old ways and old patterns any more. These patterns will not be able to be sustained within this light flow, and this light flow will be reaching every corner, every space held within your planet.

This is the grand design, the next step in this time of renewal on your planet.

We are with you. We can support you energetically. However, we cannot take these next steps for you. You have free will and must take each step through a conscious choice action. We remind you of your own magnificence held within you. We witness you with love. Blessings, The Pleiadians



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