Ascension: Disconnecting from the Breathing Tubes


Relationships in the lives of many of you are facing questionings, misgivings and rearrangement. Life is a system of relationships and connections. The cells in your body sustain relationships, just as the stars above your heads dance in relationships. Humanity’s awakening is the relationship between the spirit and the self. It’s an awakening towards the disconnection of the breathing tubes that have fed you with artificial air for so many years.

Will you let the other distract you from your own breath? Will you misinterpret the signs arriving at your doorstep as a call to pay attention to the messenger? Whether a man or a woman, a praised teacher or a famous guide enters your life and gives you “a breath of fresh air,” will you allow them to distract you from the essential questions that are knocking on the doors of your hearts?

First of all, ascension and evolving are a step towards the recognition of your amazing and independent self — your wild and gentle self. Many people think that ascension is a process of cutting off from the earthly experience, getting away from mundane challenges or a sigh of relief from all these earthly troubles. But ascension is actually quite the opposite.

"Relativity" by M.C. Escher
“Relativity” by M.C. Escher
M.C. Escher’s lithograph “Relativity” is a good image to describe ascension. When you follow the stair, you realize that you go up and down at the same time. The thread of linearity is peeled away from your ability to follow the sense of space.

Climbing up the steps towards remembering who you are, this magnificent self of yours, is a process of distilling your consciousness, where the distillation matter is your life events. When you hide away from these life stories of yours, you are running away from that which you have not accepted within yourself. The guilt and shame you use to shy away from what is happening is a distraction from the distillation process, from ascension.

When you tell about yourself, will you present who you are, or will you go back to the stories of fathers and mothers? Have you defined your being based on a framework of routine-like stories? How much shame have you drawn from the well of ancient water? How much guilt have you accumulated in the shade of justification?

The self is a being that is clean and free from shame, just as the earth doesn’t need to justify itself for you. Shame points out for you that which you haven’t dared to accept within yourselves. The belittled self is bound with handcuffs to shame — branches of entangled life whose roots lie in ancient generations.

Uproot the bushes and break the handcuffs. Run in the streets in joy and dances, look at the sparkle of the stars, paint the painting you have never dared to spread on sheets of paper, tell a friend all those things you left in your heart like leftovers of burned fat.

The self is proud in the magnificent creation of many lives, of the brave ones who overcome that which is perceived to be stupid, that which is perceived as different and alien.

And that which has been felt as failure has died, only to be reborn. When you’ll shake off the shame, dissolve it with the releasing substance of consciousness and you’ll see with fresh eyes within you that which is ready and mature to merge with Ascension.

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Shelly Sharon
Shelly Sharon is a healer, energy teacher, transformer, artist, and channel of the multi-dimensional self. She enjoys sharing her passion for life's unfoldings. Shelly has been a life-long intuitive who has weaved her spiritual gifts in her careers as an academic researcher, a business woman and as an artist. Shelly has an uncanny ability to bring clarity on how to enhance your joy and abundance in life and in business. Shelly is the co-owner of Canova Creative, the center for conscious connections and permaculture practices. For more information on Shelly email [email protected] or visit,


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