What Will Ascension Mean for Humanity?


How will the world change — how will humanity change — when ascension is the worldwide phenomenon it is destined to become? What will happen to the world, and in the world, as more and more people move towards ascension? Everyone has their own ideas about this, and it’s exciting to think about how the world will change for the better as humanity moves through the fourth dimension and onward to the fifth.

Of course, everyone moves at their own pace and in their own unique direction, and many of the souls being born even now may live their lives and depart from the world without ever starting that spiritual journey — and that’s okay, because everyone must take as much time as they need to be fully prepared to ascend. But there will come a time when a large proportion of the world’s population will have made significant progress on their ascension journey, and it’s such an inspiring thought for those of us who are on the path to enlightenment.

Think of what ascension means to you, and what we know it will bring to each of us individually –transformation and evolution that affects every level of consciousness, and a profound change in your physical, mental and spiritual being. Now apply that to the whole world! Ascension is a conscious choice, and a destiny, for every human being on the planet, and the ascension of millions, or tens of millions, of souls won’t change that choice for anyone else.

We all have free will, and we all choose for ourselves whether or not to walk the road that will someday lead us to ascension. But by living the principles of the enlightenment that leads to ascension, by embodying the truths of love, joy, and the completeness of life, we show others that there’s another way — a better way — to live. Our own internal harmony, at the same time as it helps to protect and shield us from the chaos and disease, and physical and psychological ill-health that runs rampant in the world, is also a way of showing others what it means to welcome and work towards ascension, and how walking that path can change lives for the better.

The shift that will come with large-scale ascension may be the end of the world as we know it, but not the end of the world itself. Instead, it’s the beginning of a new one, an amazing, incredible world that won’t look anything like the world that most of us know as the “real” world right now.

When we get out of our minds and into our hearts, let go of external and materialistic attachments, we discover our essential spirits, and we let go of doubt and fear, hatred, jealousy and envy, and all the other negative emotions that make the physical world what it is. Instead, as we collectively start to move from the third to the fourth and to the fifth dimensions, we start to view ourselves and the world from a place of love, instead of being bound by the old fears and doubts that prevented us from achieving our spiritual potential.

It’s not hard to imagine what that might mean for humanity as a whole: a world that’s less focused on materialistic concerns, less focused on surface appearances and more concerned with spiritual rather than physical beauty, a world with less prejudice and oppression, a world where people are truly equal regardless of gender, skin color or sexuality. With more and more people understanding that they themselves are a perfect creation — and that everyone else is, too — the negative emotions that guide the lives of so many will be washed away, replaced with pure love. Those people who are walking the path to ascension will finally truly understand that those signifiers of outward appearance are not what define our worth, and that none of those things matter, because our souls are what make us what we are, and that all of those different ways of being, all those things that make us unique, are equally beautiful, equally important, and equally valid.

When humanity begins to shift consciousness on a wide scale, when more people are living in accordance with principles of pure and perfect love, then Eden will have truly been found on Earth.
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