Ascension: What it Means for Humanity


“The progressive revelation of a great, transcendent, a luminous Reality: This would seem to be the meaning of the universe.” — Sri Aurobindo

Jesus said “Recognize what is in your sight, and that which is hidden from you will become plain to you. For there is nothing hidden which will not become manifest.” — The Gospel of Thomas

“You are That.” — Chandogya Upanishad

We live at an extraordinary moment in the history of human consciousness. The wisdom of almost any significant stream of spiritual development is available, at least conceptually, to anyone with a broadband connection. At the same time our media-rich culture increasingly offers the possibility to acquire a mindset that is powerfully deconstructive of the illusions of the ego.

Spiritually, this is equivalent to lighting a match in a room soaked in gasoline: a spiritual explosion is the most likely result. Over the course of written history, we have reports of the rare soul who traversed the path to the spiritual mountain tops alone. The results were both profound and heretofore unexplainable. Who were these Avatars: Buddha, Christ, Ramana, Meher Baba? The irony is that, universally, we are taught by realized teachers that we are not separate individuals, and yet, to date, we have been taught to see enlightenment, or ascension, as the accomplishment of separate extraordinary individuals!

The insights of non-duality teach that the reality-trance narrative of the individual ego is an illusion. It follows that there are not really individual stories happening: there is only one story, and that is the unfolding of divine purpose in the cosmos. And unlike the dead matter story that we were taught in school, that cosmos is not comatose. The cosmos is a living, conscious being, propagating through space-time as a quantum, non-local field of vibrating waves. Furthermore, that being can be seen to have qualities that emerge over time, qualities that most closely resemble what humans would call profound, unconditional,and inexhaustible love.

The great miracle of human life is that as creatures, our nervous systems have been crafted, through evolution, as an instrument of divine purpose, to be able to experience that loving and infinitely intelligent quantum consciousness directly. As humans we can do that, because it is what we were created to do.

That experience of tuning our nervous systems to the cosmic quantum wave has been called many things: enlightenment, nirvana, salvation, ascension. Words pull us back toward the reality tunnels of ordinary human social consciousness. But we live in an age in which conceptual, psychological and spiritual technology is increasingly available, technology that can allow the great joy of spiritual ecstasy and profound mental clarity of quantum entrainment to emerge no longer in isolated avatars, but as an expected and common development among all of humanity.

That, to me, is Ascension…God consciousness, walking the Earth, aware of itself as divine, cloaked lightly in human form.

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